[Do wolfberry sparkling wine drink impotence]_ Wolfberry sparkling wine _ Qiangyang fitness _ effect

[Do wolfberry sparkling wine drink impotence]_ Wolfberry sparkling wine _ Qiangyang fitness _ effect

Lycium barbarum is a specialty of Ningxia. Because it has the effect of nourishing kidneys, many people use it to make wine or tea. This is all right.

But wolfberry sparkling wine varies from person to person, because wolfberry does have a kidney-tonifying effect, but it is not a drug, so the effect of impotence is not very obvious.

First, lycium barbarum is a plant belonging to the genus Lycium of the Solanaceae family Solanaceae, planted mainly in Northwest China and other places, and Ningxia wolfberry is the best.

As a common health product in daily life, it often appears in the diet and is loved by the people.

Li Shizhen of the Ming dynasty’s Compendium of Materia Medica recorded “the leaves of Chinese wolfberry in spring, the famous Tianjing grass; the flowers of summer picking, the long-lived grass; the autumn picking seeds, the Chinese wolfberry; the winter picking roots, the famous bony skin”.

Fully explained that the whole body of wolfberry is precious, the roots, leaves, flowers and fruits are soluble in medicine.

Second, wolfberry is warm and aphrodisiac, but it can be used in the treatment of cold and cold symptoms such as extremities, but it can not be used as a kidney and aphrodisiac medicine.

Its root bark-ground bone skin, is really a very good kidney tonic.

Diosseous skin is benign and can treat the symptoms of menopause women’s heat and sweating.

Third, we must focus on preventing a long-standing misunderstanding among the people that wolfberry must not be a kidney-reinforcing drug, but a kind of “aphrodisiac” medicine. There is a saying that it is called “leaving a thousand miles away from home and not taking wolfberry.”

This means that his wife is not around, and a person cannot eat wolfberry when he travels far away, and he will be alive and excited.

Fourth, although medlar has good nourishing and therapeutic effects, it is not suitable for all people.

People with a strong liver are not suitable to eat it; it is best not to eat it in the case of a cold, fever, and bloating, and it is most suitable for people with poor resistance for a long time.