[How to make osmanthus red bean bag]_Homemade osmanthus red bean bag

[How to make osmanthus red bean bag]_Homemade osmanthus red bean bag

Many friends often ignore the lack of appetite because of the pressure of work. Everyone does not prevent themselves from going to the kitchen to make a delicious osmanthus red bean bag. The fun of cooking can also increase appetite and eat healthier and assured.

Then go into the kitchen with the editor and do it!


Pour the yeast powder into a small bowl, pour in some warm water, and stir gently.


Pour the flour into a large pot, spread apart, dig a small hole in the middle, and pour in yeast water.


Pour warm water in several portions on the side flour.


And into soft and hard moderate dough.


Apply formaldehyde to the drawer.


Pour some warm water into the pot, put it in the drawer, place the dough on the drawer, and cover the pot.

Put your hair on a warm place.


It is double-sized until it is the original dough. After pressing it with your fingers, small pits will appear.


Take out the dough and place it on a floured surface with a small amount of flour, and knead it to a smooth surface.


Take an appropriate amount of dough, knead into long strips, and scoop into a dosage of about 40 grams.


摁 into a round cake.


Into a slightly thin perimeter slightly thick middle skin.


Put in an appropriate amount of bean paste, wrap it into buns, and flatten the mouth.


Place the smooth side up on the panel, and rub the bean bag into an oval shape with both hands.


Let stand for 10 minutes.


Replace the clean cold water in the steamer with the amount of water about the second knuckle of the index finger at the bottom of the pot.

Put on a steaming drawer, brush a small amount of oil, and place in a bean bag.

There should be at least one finger wide space between each bean bag and the side of the pot. Cover the pot lid and start to steam over medium heat.


Turn to high heat after steaming out, steam for about 10 minutes, and turn off the heat.

Let stand for 10 minutes, then remove the lid.
The sweet-scented osmanthus red bean bag is not complicated to make. I believe that you read the above carefully and think so too.

Of course, if you want to taste your craft, please try it.

Maybe the first time you are a bit “sour”, but you will still taste a different “sweet”.