6 fashion ways to destroy your health

6 “fashion” ways to destroy your health

Tobacco and alcohol do not leave hands, play games at home, stay up late to work overtime, make hairdressing and facial . In the eyes of modern young people, these are more fashionable lifestyles. However, from a health perspective, these behaviors will be unconsciousOverdrawing your health.
So, which “fashionable” living methods are not worthy of praise?
  1. Diet by any means Lose weight requires scientific methods, not blindly.
If you blindly diet and lose weight, your body will not get sufficient nutrition, which will affect your body’s function and damage your health.
In addition, if the body is always hungry, it may also cause people to involuntarily overeat, and eventually fall into the vicious cycle of “dieting-overeating-rebound”.
  2, home play games, eyes closed every day staring at mobile phones and computer games, make eyes dry and painful, over time, it is easy to affect vision.
In addition, if you are sedentary and do not participate in physical exercise, it is easy to cause fatigue and dizziness, which can lead to obesity and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Today, many people with high prevalence of geriatric diseases such as hypertension and hyperlipidemia are young networms.
  3、熬夜加班狗  为了事业上的成功,许多商业人士总是不知疲倦地彻夜工作,专家认为,不规律的睡眠习惯很容易使身体消耗得不到补充,容易使身体免疫力下降,还会令Endocrine disorders, which in turn cause internal environment disorders, affecting liver, stomach, heart, kidney and other functions.
  4. Make-up and hairdressing make fashion Fashion girls like hairdressing and manicure, and they must put on a delicate makeup every day when they go out.
Love beauty is correct, but if you frequently do hairdressing and manicure, the body may inhale some toxic chemicals. In the long run, the accumulation of toxins is increasing, which is a harm to your health.
  5. Footsteps “hate the sky high” Women in the workplace and white-collar workers in the office generally wear high heels. When a pair of high heels are put on the feet, it will give people a confident, generous and dignified temperament, but it also threatens people’s physical health.
Wearing high heels all year round can easily deform the bones of the feet and atrophy of the calf muscles.
  6、彻夜社交狂欢  在这个时代里,人人都讲究社交,白天要勤奋工作,晚上还得与同事应酬、“放松”,殊不知,彻夜的狂欢非但不能把压力派遣出去,反而会令身体每况愈下,If the body is often so overdrawn, it can easily lead to neurasthenia and depression.