12 professional spirits of yoga

12 professional spirits of yoga

1. The best time for practice is early morning or dusk.

  2, 3 hours before the exercise to ensure fasting, you can drink a small amount of liquid food or drinks, half an hour after the exercise can eat.

  3, choose a quiet, clean, fresh air place, try to leave the room and choose an open-air natural site.

  4. Open windows and ventilate when indoor to keep air flowing. This is especially important for breathing exercises.

Green plants or flowers can be placed next to it.

  5. It is not advisable to practice on a hard floor or a too soft bed. A mat should be laid on the ground during the practice.

  6, bare feet when practicing.

The training suit is made of natural fabrics. Cotton and linen are the best. The cut is simple and loose.

  7, keep quiet during practice, avoid conversation, eliminate distractions, and try to keep your mind and body focused.

The concert is a great companion when practicing alone.

  8. Pay attention to your own physical condition, and don’t make things difficult for yourself.

If you have a discomfort or illness, try not to practice difficult movements, or you can not practice at all.

  9. If you want to shower with hot water after practicing, you should do it after 15 minutes. You can also choose to take a shower before practicing.

  10, women should not do yoga exercises in the meridian; hypertension, hypertension patients only do simple movements, six months after surgery should not practice difficult movements.

  11. When doing asanas, do what you can, don’t exceed your limits, but slowly, step by step, to reach the level you can bear.

  12, yoga has a good adjustment effect on some special physiological conditions, such as terminal illness, health care during pregnancy, etc., but it is best to carry out under the guidance of a teacher.