How to remove chicken skin teach you effective ways to remove chicken skin

How to remove chicken skin teach you effective ways to remove chicken skin

When it comes to chicken skin, many people may not know what it is.

In fact, chicken skin is keratosis pilaris, which is a skin disease.

How to remove chicken skin?

How should chicken skin be treated?

Today, Xiaobian will answer them one by one.

Interested friends may wish to take a look.

  How to remove chicken skin chicken skin often brings psychological burden to many patients, so we have to remove chicken skin.

So how to remove chicken skin?

Let ‘s take a look together.

  Exfoliating body Exfoliating body can use scrubs, loofah cloths, etc. Use these small tools to remove excessively thick horny body from the body while bathing to keep pores open, but you need to be careful not to overuse it, otherwise it will hurt your skin.

  Warm water bathing bath water should not be too hot For this type of skin, it is recommended not to use too hot water to bathe, even on hot days, it is best to control the water temperature at about forty degrees.

If the water temperature is too hot, it will be easy to take away the oil on the skin surface, and friends with chicken skin will be short of water and oil. If you do this, it will worsen the situation, so you must handle it carefully.

  When using lotion on chicken skin, in addition to exfoliating, it is necessary to use some lotion to moisturize the body.

Because chicken skin is a special kind of skin problem, in addition to the appearance of goose bumps, it will lead to skin dehydration and oil deficiency.

So using lotion for care at this time can make the skin smooth and moist.

  For more severe follicular keratosis, cream application can be applied with cream to soften the cutin and shrink the pores. It has a good repair effect on chicken skin. The most important point is to dilute and decompose the pigment.

Achieve skin improvement.

  Note 1.

The cuticle of the chicken skin is thick, so it is necessary to dissolve the cuticle. You can use a loofah cloth, an exfoliating brush, etc. in the bath, but you must not use it excessively, because it will hurt the sensitive chicken skin if it is too alternating.


Moisturizing the skin is the next step, because chicken skin is very dry and oily, dry skin, so it is necessary to keep the skin in balance with water and oil, of course, moisturizing is also very important.

It is normal to apply Viper amino acid body lotion after bath, and apply it two or three times a day.

Compared with softened chicken skin, amino acid has a good moisturizing and whitening effect.


Remember to avoid squeezing, scratching, and pulling out the pimple on the skin of the chicken. If you want to make the tissue around the capillary hole edema, the pore opening will become smaller and it will be easier to eliminate, then acne and folliculitis will occur;In some cases, some scratches on the skin can cause inflammation and pigmentation.

So do not scratch or scratch the skin of the chicken.


When patients choose products, they must pay attention to choosing non-irritating products, so that they can not irritate the skin.

It also cleanses gently and safely.


You should not wash your face too often, because washing your face too much will damage the skin’s natural sebum film, and the skin will become tight in the dry bath without the protection of the sebum film.

And when irritants invade, the skin becomes weakly resistant.


Pay special attention to the skin’s sun protection work in life, because chicken skin is sensitive skin and is easily sunburned.

Be sure to bring your umbrella when you go out.

  How chicken skin is caused Chicken skin is genetically caused and there are many possible causes of chicken skin. Heredity is one of them.

If you have chicken skin, 50% of your implants may also have chicken skin. At this time, the 12th pair of chromosomal mutations in the body are dominantly inherited.

  The appearance of chicken skin in this way is unavoidable.
But even congenital chicken skin can be completely removed by the acquired treatment.
  Chicken skin is a normal skin replacement caused by abnormal skin metabolism. It can maintain a healthy skin state. If the skin metabolism is abnormal, it will cause the stratum corneum of the skin to become thick, and the hair follicle ducts will be blocked, which will cause chicken skin.

Serious ones will even become connected.

  Chicken skin is caused by the lack of vitamin A in the body, which may cause the appearance of chicken skin, because vitamin A is closely related to the skin, and taking more vitamin A also has skin-care effects.

Therefore, some people do not like to eat vegetables, which may cause chicken skin.

  Therefore, when chicken skin appears, you should eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as carrots, spinach and pork liver, or take vitamin A daily.

  Chicken skin is caused by environmental factors. If you are exposed to low humidity or very dry air for a long time, it may also cause chicken skin.

Or chicken skin can be produced when the skin directly comes into contact with irritating substances such as tar and oil.

So if chicken skin appears on the skin, then it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is caused by the environment. If so, it is best to consider changing the environment.

  How to treat chicken skin 1.

Traditional Chinese medicine treats the disease with moisturizing skin, activating collaterals and dissipating blood stasis, driving wind and antipruritic effect, and treating the disease with significant effect.

  Generally used are raw land, Ophiopogon japonicum, Ligustrum lucidum, Eclipta chinensis, Jerusalem artichoke, Amaranth, American ginseng, Stir-fried Atractylodes, Tianzi slice, Black ginseng, Safflower, Shouwu, Chinese wolfberry, black sesame, Lingxian, yam,Nepeta, Fangfeng and other traditional Chinese medicine formulas have the ability to improve the enzyme activity in the body, so that the active enzyme penetrates into the skin and hair follicles, thus the content of epidermis and free cholesterol.

  It plays an important role in the stabilization of cell membranes.

Can effectively reduce the plasma sulfate in the epidermis and can effectively adjust the plasma metabolism to form more plasma cream to eliminate hair follicle pimples.

  2. Western medicine treatment Because hair follicle keratosis is a keratin-related disease, exfoliating salves are preferred for general treatments, such as A acid, fruit acid, salicylic acid, and urea.

  Oral vitamin A or eating more vitamin A foods will help the treatment of this disease; and topical skin keratin softening or keratolytic agents can alleviate symptoms and make the skin surface smoother.

  For topical retinoic acid, salicylic acid ointment, etc., the application of retinoic acid should start from a low concentration, such as from 0.

05% -0.

1%, diabetes irritates the skin and is used once every night.

Note that the drug requires long-term adherence to be effective.


Cold light quantum therapy has been applied to skin cosmetology through cold light quantum therapy in recent years. It has been clinically cured to treat “hairy” patients and freckles, age spots, and spotted nevus patients.

At the same time, it was found in the treatment that the “small tadpoles” in the affected part of patients with follicular keratosis also magically disappeared.

  Patients with follicular keratosis can usually be cured by cold light quantum two or three times.

Cold light quantum can not only cure keratosis of the hair follicles, but also decompose and discharge pigments from the affected area to restore normal skin.

  If patients with follicle keratosis have been suffering for many years, those who cannot be cured by cold light quantum can be treated with cryotherapy first and then combined with cold light quantum, which can have a good healing effect.

  Concluding remarks: The above are some of the methods introduced by Xiaobian on how to remove chicken skin and how to treat chicken skin.

I believe that everyone understands this after reading it.

Therefore, when you have chicken skin, you can use these methods to remove chicken skin.