Efficient maintenance prescription for busy beauty


Efficient maintenance prescription for busy beauty

What skin care products should I use?

The first shot was Avene spray, home Begaz green mud, Biotherm powder bottle moisturizer . skin care products are too common, is there some good word of mouth, using a niche, elegant skin care products?

Don’t worry, let Xiaobian recommend it for you!

  Happy Faye Hellofaye Weak Acid Washing Lotion (Second Generation) Specification: 120ml Reference price: 95 yuan Use: Clean (layer by layer) Applicable skin type: Various skin types can be used, especially suitable for dry and tight after washing your faceskin.

  Applicable object: Wash the face and pay attention to the amino acid formula of the girls who care about the maintenance. It is obviously mild and comfortable when using it. After washing, you will not feel tight or burst dry without using anything else. It is especially satisfactory.

  Netizen recommendation: 70% Petty index: 55% Netizens Hot comment: No soap base, the foam is not very rich, but I feel completely acceptable.

I like the taste ~~!

  Infusa IPSA Anti-Sensitive Foam Cleansing Mousse Specifications: 170ml Reference Price: 230 yuan This is a product that can protect the skin’s defense function while cleansing, no addition, weak acidity, low irritation, rich foam, canThoroughly cleans skin, suitable for weak skin.

Nozzle nozzle design, directly squeeze out snow-like foam, easy to use.

Clean thoroughly without any tension after washing.

  Netizen recommendation: 70% Petty index: 40% Netizen’s hot comment: The foam is rich and delicate, without the chemical fragrance, mild and non-irritating, and gave a bottle to the pregnant sister, she also likes it.

Will continue to use it.

  Natural Philosophy 4-in-1 Herbal Facial Cleanser The skin needs to be thoroughly plotted and properly acid-aged to stay healthy.

True Purity 4-in-1 Herbal Facial Cleanser is gentle in formula and contains a variety of plant ingredients such as geranium, rosewood, cinnamon and sandalwood, which can clean surface dirt and makeup residues in one go, balance skin acidity, narrow pores and nourish.
Just gently massage on the surface for 30-60 seconds, and quickly dissolve the surface dirt as soon as possible. The quick-acting clean formula immediately gives you a clean, soothing feeling.

  Netizen’s recommendation: 60% Petty index: 50% Netizen’s hot comment: This makeup remover is ok. Dry hands and face massage for a while on the face and rinse with a lot of water can clean your face and remove it.The ability is beyond imagination. Even the eye makeup, eyeliner and mascara are washed off together, regardless of your love of water and water resistance.

  And the face after washing is so slippery, I ca n’t help but touch it again and again. Generally, I do n’t need to cleanse it after removing it, so I do n’t need that much for this big sensitive skin and dry skin.The cleaning is good.

  Sulwhasoo and moisturizing mask (and moisturizing mask) Specification: 120ml Reference price: 340 yuan After using the cream in the evening, apply an appropriate amount to the entire face, avoid the position of the eyes and lips, and then go to bed directly.net.

  * Do not use cleansing foam or honey soap when washing your face in the morning, only use water for better results.

  Netizen’s recommendation: 75% Petty index: 60% Netizen’s hot comment: Everyone said that it has a strong taste of traditional Chinese medicine, but I smelled some ginger-like flavor = =, this mask is mellow, but it is very thick after coatingI will absorb it soon, I feel the skin is very moisturized, there is no greasy feeling, I feel the skin is very tender on the second day, I like it very much!

  Yiquan URIAGE Crystal Moisturizing Mask Specification: 40ml Reference Price: 200 yuan Yiyiquan natural isotonic hot spring water and 11% active moisturizing ingredients, instantly restore skin hydration.

White Lupin Extract helps reshape and repair damaged hydrolipidic membranes and restores the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Long-term use can improve the appearance of rough and dry skin, and improve skin fatigue, while also firming the skin.

  Netizen recommendation: 65% Petty index: 35% Netizens Hot comment: This thing is not common to me, but I think of it once I feel that the skin seems to be particularly dry.

In autumn and winter, sometimes the skin suddenly dries out. For some two seconds or the lower jaw, I usually directly apply this mask and then go to sleep.

It takes about two days to completely relieve dryness.

  Avalon Organic Lavender Facial Cleanser is suitable for skin types: suitable for normal to oily skin, especially for sensitive skin.

  How to use: Take a piece of gel about the size of a coin, add warm water, rub it with palms until there are fine bubbles, apply on the face, massage gently, then wash with water, once in the morning and evening.

  Netizen recommendation: 70% Petty index: 50% Netizen Hot comment: It is not easy to find a gentle cleansing power, wash your face water and slippery, rather than the astringent feeling of over clean, oily skinExactly.

  Jurlique Deep Cleansing Scrub An extremely mild scrub that can be used every day.

Early natural almonds and oat bran blend a variety of plant extracts to gently exfoliate.

Say goodbye to dead skin and dirt, and deeply cleanse the skin.

Skin feels fresh and clean, soft and smooth, and glows healthy and radiant.

  Netizen’s recommendation: 55% Petty index: 40% Netizen’s hot comment: When the face is massaged.

I don’t think it is a scrub at all.

Very gentle ~~ No frost at all.
Like ^ _ ^ Touch the face after washing it off with warm water.

Super tender ~~ It seems that I rubbed a few acne while rubbing.
The pores are also smaller.

After grinding our skin is almost the same as the baby’s skin O (∩_∩) O haha?

And that tender feeling can last for several days.


All in all, it is highly recommended ~~ Albion toner (healthy water) is a highly effective medicinal whitening ingredient. It extracts high resilience ingredients from natural plant cornflower, strengthens the skin’s moisture, and gives the skin the most fullMoisturize and improve self-defense, keep skin away from all kinds of annoying brains such as oily summers, dry winters, sensitive redness, peeling, etc .; calm the allergies of sensitive skin and keep the skin healthy every day.

  Netizen recommendation: 60% Petty index: 40% Netizen’s hot comment: At first, I bought a small bottle, all of which used paper film. I ran out of light in a week, and I feel pretty good.

So I bought the largest size, so it was normal to use it as a lotion, and it felt like it was the same-it feels similar to using SKII fairy water, nothing bad, nothing special, and the skin condition is particularly badDuring that time, I did not find any improvement with it. After the skin condition improved, it seemed that it had no replacement.