Precautions for drinking beer in summer

Precautions for drinking beer in summer

The temperature of the beer should not be too low. The beer stored in the refrigerator should be controlled within 5-10 seconds, because the solubility of carbon dioxide in beer varies with the temperature.Best taste.

  Beer with too low temperature will not taste bad, and the protein contained in the liquor will be decomposed, free, and the nutritional components will be destroyed.

  Pure draft beer is filtered through a sterile membrane to remove yeast and bacteria, and finally, it is formed by aseptic filling.

In 5-10 seconds, all kinds of nutritional ingredients and flavors in pure draft beer are also the most stable.

  Only excessive beer should not be high in alcohol and rich in nutrition.

Some citizens drink beer on a hot day and drink four or five bottles in succession. A lot of water will be quickly discharged, but alcohol will be quickly absorbed, which will increase the amount of blood lead in the blood.

  If it is overdone every day throughout the summer, it will inhibit and affect the normal vitality of cells. It may also cause a slight accumulation and interrupt the synthesis of RNA, resulting in “beer heart” and “general belly”, which affects the normal function of the heart.

  Large bottles of beer generally have a capacity of 640 milliliters.

  Smoked fish should not be used with a very important common sense, that is, when a large number of repeated beer, it should not be served with smoked fish, smoked meat and other smoked food.

  Because smoked food contains organic amines, polycyclic cubic hydrocarbons, amino acid derivatives and even benzopyrene will be produced during cooking.

When excessive drinking leads to an increase in blood lead content, the above-mentioned substances in smoked food can cause a combination of digestive diseases and even tumors.

On hot days, the risk of disease is often higher due to the large beer intake.

  Bottles should not be used in Kazakhstan. In recent years, beer explosions in Kazakh packaging or non-B-marked glass bottles have occasionally hurt people, and some consumers have smashed wine bottles with a rope after buying beer and returned home.It collided and exploded.

There is a certain air pressure in the bottle of the original beer. The ambient temperature is high, and the pressure in the bottle will also increase. Therefore, pay special attention to “explosion prevention” when buying beer on hot days.Bottled out-of-town miscellaneous beer.