Children love music more temperamentally

Children love music more temperamentally

“Music can help children mold their emotions and is a way of psychological aesthetic education.

“In an interview with the Life Times reporter, Shen Zheng, a professor of psychology at Peking University, said so.

For example, lively music makes people feel emotional, fresh melody music makes people happy and quiet, and elegant music has a pressure-reducing effect.

  ”Music helps children to distinguish between themselves and other people’s emotional reactions, so that they can better understand the feelings of others and identify different emotions, which is beneficial to the development of their interpersonal relationships.

Xi handsome man, a clinical psychologist at Beijing Anding Hospital, pointed out.

  Xi handsome also pointed out that the process of learning music is still a process of brain perfection and soundness.

Psychological research believes that the human brain is divided into left and right hemispheres, and the division of left and right brains is different.

The brain waves in the left brain are tension waves. Excessive use will make you irritable and feel intense pressure, making people more successful, but unable to enjoy long-term happiness.

The right brain in charge of music functions can only withstand “easy alpha waves” that vibrate 8-13 times per second, which can produce beauty and joy, making people happy and calm.

Also, is Australian scholar Amanda?

Ge Ge et al. Found that using the right brain can cause people to secrete a “brain gold” called β-endorphin.

  Unfortunately, people only use the right brain 1-3% of their lives, so parents’ participation in instrumental music training classes is indeed beneficial to their development.

However, we must also pay attention to the situation, pulling seedlings to promote the growth of the right brain is not good.