It is not necessary to clear the fire

It is not necessary to clear the fire

It is not necessary to clear the fire for fever, “the fever is easy to get rid of fever”, the same method of fever, different people may have different results; the same person, each time the fever takes the same medicine, the effect may be different.

In Chinese medicine, this is likely to be a difference in the nature of the fever.

Zhang Jingyue, a well-known medical doctor in the Ming Dynasty, pointed out in the book “Book of Jingyue · Heat and Cold” that “the heat of yin deficiency should be leveled by water; the heat of rootlessness should be tempered by fire”, reminding everyone to treat different feversThe reason is to use different treatments.

Some patients do not have a high body temperature when they have a fever, but they are very “emotional”. The body temperature fluctuates with emotional fluctuations, often accompanied by depression, full ribs, irritability, dry and bitter mouth, and poor appetite.

This condition is mostly “qi stagnation and fever”. During treatment, attention should be paid to evacuating liver and qi, and to relieve stagnation and fever.

There are also people who have localized fever earlier, or have a fixed sore spot or lump on the body at the same time as fever, “hot and painful”, obvious symptoms in the afternoon or at night, dry mouth but not too much drink, pale or dull complexion.

This is mostly “blood stasis and fever”, and the treatment method is to reduce fever by promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Another type of fever is particularly pronounced in the afternoon. Patients are often accompanied by chest tightness, drowsiness of the whole body, yellow greasy tongue coating, disregard of diet, and even nausea and vomiting, and thin stools.

Such patients are mainly due to dampness and fever, and they should be treated with dampness and clearing heat.

The above three kinds of fever are “real heat”, and the pathogenesis is stagnation and heat forming of qi, blood, and water.

Another type of fever is “deficiency fever”, which is mostly caused by imbalance of yin and yang caused by insufficient gas and blood deficiency.

For example, some people are always listless, prone to sweating, and their body temperature often rises after fatigue. This heat may be caused by qi deficiency, and it is necessary to nourish qi and spleen, or take some cream to replenish qi.

Some patients with major hemorrhage and anemia also have fever, which is a “blood deficiency fever”, mostly low fever, with dizziness, fatigue, fatigue, restlessness, pale complexion and other symptoms, generally improve after nourishing qi and nourishing blood.

If the hands, feet, and feet often have fever, with disturbed sleep, irritability, and dreams, this kind of heat is mostly “yin deficiency and fever”. It must be nourishing yin while clearing heat.

The other kind of fever is the opposite of the above symptoms. When you have a fever, you are afraid of cold and your limbs are cold. The patient usually likes to sit or lie down.

This is a typical “yang deficiency fever”, which requires warming up yang to treat “heat by heating”.