A comprehensive guide to skin UV protection

A comprehensive guide to skin UV protection

In summer, the hottest kiss from the sun will give the skin a special “gift”: stains, wrinkles, and gradually . skincare + makeup, establish a close line of sunshine defense, and protect the skin from this passionate intimacycontact.

  Beautiful “enemy” In the tug-of-war between beauty and time, ultraviolet light is the biggest “danger”.

Among the ultraviolet rays with different wavelengths, UVA reaches the surface with the largest amount of radiation. It invades the dermis, causing skin aging, wrinkles and stains, and injured skin is not easy to recover.

UVB does more damage to the skin than UVA. It can cause sunburn and even melanoma in a short time.

With the worsening environment, the impact of ultraviolet rays on the skin has become greater and greater, becoming the most dangerous “enemy” of beauty.

  How to know the sun protection value of sunscreen products, some are aimed at sunburn, and some are both sunburn and suntan, now the appearance of tanning products, really dazzling.

-The smart way is to understand the ingredients before making a choice.

  The first thing to consider is the SPF for UVB, and the signs of PA ++ and PA ++ are for UVA in the ultraviolet. The more “+”, the better the effect against UVA.

In addition, UVA promotes UVB activation and darkens the skin.

Therefore, if you want to get healthy skin, it is best to choose products that can resist UVA and UVB at the same time to effectively protect the skin.

  Carefully selected SPF value The sun protection index SPF value not only indicates the strength of blocking UVB in the ultraviolet rays, but also marks the length of time that the sun is effective.

Objectively speaking, the SPF index increases and the protection right is granted, but the choice of SPF value is best determined according to the occupation and the specific use environment.

Everyone’s defense ability against sunlight is different. When choosing the SPF value, you can refer to the following:

For people with general skin, the SPF value should be 8-12.

Fair-racial people can choose to use 15-25 extra sun products;

Sensitive skin should be picked from plant-based sunscreens to avoid allergic reactions caused by chemical ingredients; also use vitamin E products that are both anti-sun, lubricating and purifying to neutralize cell damage caused by sun exposure;

For people who are sensitive to light and prone to sunburn, the SPF value is preferably 12-20;

Office workers are only exposed to the sun on the way to and from work. In order to make the skin comfortable and breathable, the SPF value should not exceed 15;

When playing in the wild and swimming at the beach, the whole body’s skin is completely exposed to the sun. You need to change the face and body sunscreen with SPF value over 30;

It is best to choose waterproof sunscreen when swimming, but most of these products are water-in-oil emulsification type, which has a greasy feeling on the skin, so it is better to use less;

If you often use acid skin care products, your skin will become thinner, more fragile, and less resistant to sunlight, so you need to buy sunscreen with a higher sun protection factor.

  Makeup’s UV strategy moisturizes, repairs, isolates, and protects the sun . Makeup has already bid farewell to the stage of simple beautification.

In this season’s beauty must-have, the protagonist is also eye-catching makeup.

  The foundation / powder powder is suitable for light-weight summer sunscreen powder, while keeping the skin tone healthy while taking into account the needs of sunscreen.

When choosing, you must also consider the different conditions of the skin accordingly.

  If you: The skin is dry, you need to fully moisturize and nourish. If you: oily skin, easy to take off makeup. If you: pigmented spots, moles and other small flaws.Concealer When the summer arrives, you will already have tiny spots.

At this time, we must not ignore the role of concealer.

  Concealers generally come in lipstick-like packaging, which can be applied directly to the skin, or you can use a brush to dip and apply.

The slim and long concealer can be carried, which can eliminate the “dangerous situation” anytime and anywhere.

Its biggest feature is that it is highly targeted, and it is very convenient to deal with multiple defects.

  The concealer with strong hiding power can be mixed with the liquid foundation to cover the very conspicuous and faint small spots on the arm.

Concealer combo palettes often come in powder-like packaging, and several colors come together to make it easy for you to modify your skin tone.

  Lipstick Lip skin is delicate and slender, and it is not suitable for the natural lubricating layer of the facial skin. Without covering, it is more prone to appear rough, dull and wrinkle.

Therefore, the lipstick marked clearly with sun protection effect is one of the “beautiful essentials” that need to be put into a cosmetic bag this season.

  Sun protection tips?

Avoid the whirlpool of the scorching sun-11am to 3pm, the strongest fire in the sun, you should try to avoid exposure to the sun.


Get the best from sunscreens-Apply sunscreens to dry skin about 20 minutes in advance, because wet skin doesn’t easily absorb sunscreens.The effectiveness of sunscreen products generally lasts only a few hours, so you should apply it every 2 to 3 hours.


Glasses are essential-in addition to being beautiful, the number one priority of sunglasses is to protect the eyes and the tender skin around the eyes.

If your eyes often need to correct the harsh sunlight, fine lines and spots around the eyes will snicker at you not far away!

  Common suggestions for makeup artists:

The best tool for concealer is your finger.

Because its temperature will make the concealer stick closer to the skin.

Note that the force is more uniform when used.

Alternatively, you can choose a slim makeup brush.


If there is no concealer, you can use liquid foundation 2 lighter than the foundation used.

This is also the rule when choosing concealer.


Apply concealer product before applying foundation.

This order cannot be reversed.


An over-white concealer will only make black hair’s flaws more visible.


Because the eye skin is very delicate, it is best not to use a harder pen-shaped concealer, otherwise it will easily cause fine lines on the eyes.


When applying transparent makeup, mix the concealer on the hands with the foundation and then use the loose powder. The makeup will be natural and transparent.