Pediatric obesity specific symptoms

Pediatric obesity specific symptoms

With the continuous improvement of our living standards, the incidence of various pediatric diseases is also increasing year by year, especially pediatric obesity. The incidence of this disease has been very high in recent years, which has brought great harm to parents and friendsPsychological pressure, but because many parents do not understand pediatric obesity, they often fail to find the child’s condition in time, delaying treatment. So what are the specific symptoms of pediatric obesity?

  At present, as our material living standards are getting better and better, the number of children with too many diseases is also increasing, which has affected the children’s health and life. It needs to be found in time and treated in a timely manner.What are your symptoms?

  1. The body weight / body fat exceeds the cut-off point of the reference population. Physical growth is rapid, but the bones are normal or more than the same age, the weight is more than the same sex, the average height of the normal height children is more than 20%, or the weight exceeds the average weight of healthy children of the same height.2 standard deviations (M2SD); or those with a body mass index greater than 23.

  2, excellent appetite children have excellent appetite, strong appetite, eating much more than ordinary children, and like starch, sweets and high-fat foods, do not like to eat light foods such as vegetables.

  3. Sexual development Sexual development is usually earlier or normal.

Because the perineum of the thigh is slight, the penis can be hidden in the adult tissues of the boy, while the tiny one is actually in the normal range.

  4. Frequent family history of obesity, good intelligence, full subcutaneous abdomen, relatively even distribution, the body is slightly gathered with breasts, abdomen, hips and shoulders prominent, abdominal skin with white lines, pink or purple lines, limbs obesity, Especially in the upper arms and chest.

No endocrine and metabolic disorders and metabolic disorders; often fatigue, shortness of breath or leg pain during movement, awkward movement, knee valgus or twisted feet.

  There are three methods for parents to measure the presence of obesity in children: 1, the simplest visual inspection method.

  2, weight measurement method: the general formula for calculating the standard weight: standard weight (kg) = height (cm) -105.

  3. Skinfold thickness measurement.

   Through the introduction above, everyone knows what the specific symptoms of pediatric obesity are. I hope that the above introduction will help everyone. If your child has the above symptoms, you must go to the hospital to check it!

European massage method effectively relieves shoulder fatigue

European massage method effectively relieves shoulder fatigue

The main effect of European massage is to increase microcirculation, relieve the body’s fatigue and discomfort, and improve the skin.

European massage is also known as aromatic massage, and in turn, it needs to be massaged to complete the massage.

Different essential oils bring different effects.

European massage mainly massages the direction of the contraction of the lymph, and detoxification is completed during the process of increasing the microcirculation.

The time for an aromatic massage is about 60 minutes.

  Improve shoulder soreness For people who face computers all day long, shoulder pain is a common problem.

So before watching TV or sleeping in the evening, you can use the following techniques to massage each other with your other half.

Stick to 10 minutes every time, 3-4 times a week, the shoulder pain will be improved.

If you don’t like to push the essential oil, you can use a body lotion instead.

  The massage circuit shown in Figure 1 is located above the scapula and between the clavicle.

Poke on top and you will feel in the middle of the two bones.

Use two thumbs along the dotted line to tilt 10-15 times from the direction of the neck, one after the other.

  Method 2 First spread the lotion on the shoulder blade, then overlap the hands, hold the back palm along the contour of the shoulder blade, draw 8 words, 8-10 times.

  Manipulation 3 Manual method 2 Insert the direction of the spine and massage it 10 times from top to bottom with your fingertips.

  Manipulation 4 hands are miniature, fingertips force, along the shoulder blade, in the direction of the arrow, massage 8-10 times.

  Aroma Massage Specialist Massage Therapist Du Fu Beijing International Club Hotel Spa Center Manager Assistant European Massage As a whole body oil massage, its procedure starts with the front of the body, starts from the foot, massages upwards, then slides the body and starts from the foot.Massage towards the back and shoulders.

  Compared with other massages, the biggest feature of European massage is detoxification, because it is massaged in the direction of lymph, and in the European massage of physiotherapy, aromatic essential oils are essential, they penetrate into the body through massage.Play their respective functions to benefit the massaged.

One pound of vegetables

One pound of vegetables

Li Ying “Expected imbalances are a cause of many chronic diseases.

“Ma Guansheng, deputy director of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, presented data at the” China Health Knowledge Dissemination Incentive Program-Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition and Balanced Knowledge Exchange Conference “, which shows that the current daily consumption of vegetables per capita is 286Grams, while the fruit consumption is only 45 grams, compared with the recommended daily guide of 300?
500 grams of vegetables, 200?
The absorption of 400 grams of fruit is very different.

Beans and milk are also severely deficient, while meat and fat are too high.

  Fruits and vegetables can prevent chronic diseases. Professor Ge Keyou, Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Nutrition Society, points out that vegetables and fruits have the characteristics of low energy, low trace, high dietary fiber, high potassium and low sodium, and are beneficial to phytochemicals.Growth is beneficial to prevent obesity and many common chronic diseases.

  Cai Lijuan, deputy chief executive of Taiwan Cancer Foundation, said that fruits and vegetables contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, and vitamin C in fruits and vegetables can improve immunity, anti-fatigue, and also anti-oxidation, thus achieving a cosmetic effect.

Studies have found that vitamin C ingested through food is about 5 times more effective than simply supplementing the same amount of vitamin C. Therefore, it is best for the public to ensure health through adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables, rather than relying on medicines after illness.

At the same time, vegetal chemical components contained in foods such as vegetables and fruits have multiple biological effects, including enhancing immunity, inducing benign differentiation of metabolism, promoting metabolism, etc., and the synergistic effect of various antioxidant ingredients, in addition to reducing hypertensionThe risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke prevention, and anti-cancer, anti-cancer effects.

  Cai Lijuan advised the public to cultivate children from childhood to develop an alternative habit of eating fruits and vegetables. 6?
The 12-year-old is a golden age for the development of children’s intelligence, vision, growth, and immunity. Children’s nutritional supplements at this stage are especially important. They must have the correct eating habits to develop healthily.

  Five Tips for Mastering the Nutrition and Balance of Vegetables and Fruits It is understood that Taiwan has been promoting the “Ten Wu Vegetables and Fruits” diet and cancer prevention campaign since 1999, encouraging people to eat 5 servings of fresh vegetables and fruits every day, and further promoted them in 2004.Fruit and Vegetable Rainbow 579 “healthy diet exercise. Different intakes of fruits and vegetables are recommended according to age and gender. Preschool children should consume 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, adult women consume 7 servings of fruits and vegetables, adult men consume 9 servings of fruits and vegetables, and incorporate” Rainbow”Principle”, a balanced intake of fruits and vegetables of different colors.

  Recently, Yang Xiaoguang, chairman of the National Nutrition Standards Professional Committee, released the “Five Tips on Nutrition and Dietary Balance of Vegetables and Fruits”: 1.

Eat fruits every day and have vegetables: Good balanced habits will benefit people for life, and fresh fruits and vegetables are an important part of balanced intake.


Fruits and vegetables 2 + 3, disease resistance and cancer prevention: Ingesting at least 200 grams of fruits and 300 grams of vegetables daily can effectively improve the body’s immunity and achieve the effect of disease prevention and cancer prevention.


Fruits and vegetables become rainbows, adding color to health: Fruits and vegetables of different colors can provide different nutritional values.

Green fruits are water-soluble lutein, orange fruits contain β-carotene and vitamin C, dark green vegetable phosphate folic acid, red fruits contain lycopene, and white fruits contain sulfides.


Fruits and vegetables are eaten fresh and more nutritious: nutrients absorbed directly from fresh fruits are more easily absorbed by the body.


A balanced diet and a healthy life: Treat fruits and vegetables as a snack for children, and develop healthy eating habits that enjoy eating fruits and vegetables from childhood will transform into a lifetime benefit.

Christmas Fun Dinner DIY Western Roast Turkey

Christmas Fun Dinner DIY Western Roast Turkey

Ingredients: one turkey (about 16 pounds), one spice bunch (including carrot, onion, celery, bay leaf, thyme) 200 g, chestnut 300 g, chicken liver and chicken gizzard 450 g, 6 slices of bread,One pot of chicken broth (method: about 2 kg of chicken bones, stew with spices and bunches for 4 hours and filter).

  Seasoning: 15 grams of pepper and salt, 25 grams of shallots, 60 ml of red wine, 150 grams of tomato paste.

  Method: 1. Chicken liver, chestnuts, slices of bread (cut edges, soaked in 80㏄ milk), fry with red onion, add some chicken broth until the chestnuts are boiled, add thyme, red wine, and the juice over medium heatBoiled and ready-to-use fillings; 2. Tomato paste and chicken broth are simmered for 40 minutes and put in sauce, then add chicken gizzards to make turkey sauce; 3. Wash the turkey, stuff the spice bundles inside and fill inFor the filling, sprinkle the pepper and salt on the outer skin and bake in the oven at 350 ° C for about 90 minutes (take it out at about 40 minutes, the chicken body will be exposed to aluminum foil and continue to bake); 4. Cut the cranberry sauce into 3 cm thick and 0 thick.

5 cm flakes (approximately 3 grams); 5. Roasted turkey is put on a decorated plate, topped with turkey sauce and served with red wine.

Jiang Wenli postpartum slimming five cheats


Jiang Wenli postpartum slimming five cheats

Due to the professional requirements of the actors, many mothers can quickly recover their bodies after giving birth, which really envied ordinary mothers.

Although Xiao S announced his postpartum diet not long ago, it is still difficult for ordinary people to implement.

But you can learn the mainland actor Jiang Wenli, her weight loss program is easy to implement, and women who are about to become mothers can combine Jiang Wenli’s slimming secrets with their own situation to find a weight loss method that suits them best.

  Jiang Wenli said that after she became a mother, her body was once uncontrollably fat, because she belongs to the type that is very easy to fat. As long as she does not pay attention, the whole face will be rounded up, and she will not be able to suffer from weight loss. Jiang WenliIf you are not in favor of dieting, you may not be as sweaty as you are, and then eat a meal and adjust your diet to a reasonable and healthy diet.

In order to overcome the “central attraction”, she also has a slim body. She asked experts to scientifically formulate a set of slimming secrets: Tip 1: Eat a banana for breakfast, an apple, only 8 calories.It can fill the stomach and have the effect of beautiful skin.

After dinner, I will not eat anything.

  Tip 2: Whenever you want to eat chocolate or ice cream, drink water or green tea instead.

  Tip 3: Accept the food of Chinese cooking, both rich and innocent.

Stir fry with low-fat vegetable oil and spray the salad oil with a watering can instead of pouring it.

  Tip 4: Carrots, green peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, and celery, which are cut into strips, can be used as snacks. They can be stored in the refrigerator at any time, and can be taken with snacks.

  Tip 5: After giving birth to a child, ask a slimming expert to guide the exercise, fixed training for two hours a day, and use the fitness center fitness equipment.

5 hints of a woman’s personality

5 hints of a woman’s personality

Core tip: What is your first thing she used to do after waking up every morning?

Don’t underestimate these little habits, they can hint at your inner world and make it easier for you to understand her personality.

  Small habit 1: Press the alarm clock and continue to bed. Most of the current families are home “husbands” who wake up “Housewives” after making breakfast.

Originally you lightened her housework, but she still had to lie on the bed and couldn’t afford it. Once, twice, and three times, you couldn’t help but yell: “If you don’t get up, you will be late.

“She is still begging you:” In five minutes, let me sleep for another five minutes.

  In fact, it’s not just her, 35% of women have a bad habit of lying in bed early in the morning.

  The hint of small habits: It is difficult for them to refuse to speak to others, and they will drag on and off again and again, which is a typical little girl dragging personality.

In life, she is also a casual woman, and often shows a childish side in front of you.

She doesn’t like the stress of life and work, and knows friendship more than love.

  What you need: sometimes be her “husband”, sometimes be her dad, and sometimes even need you to be her nanny. In short, all the characters who can care for her are worth trying, because her love for you isBased on what you did to her.

  Small habit 2: Take you to do “morning exercises” every morning, before you wake up, you are entangled by her like an octopus, and then do “morning exercises” with her between half asleep and half awake.


With the nourishment of morning love, there will be a good mood.

  Tips from small habits: Women who love to love in the early morning are super confident, especially about their body and sexual ability.

Opening her eyes and being “stirring” proves that she is full and cheerful, because she is always in a “sexual” state.

Women who are obsessed with morning love are not equal to being indulged in sex life. Compared with the outbreak of passion, they are more in love with the affinity of the skin and the lingering warmth.

She may make you feel a little “water poppy”, in fact, this is how she knows how to enjoy life and business life.

With such a woman, your life will always be “fresh”.

  What you need: Give her a hug, encourage and pamper, and try to give as much affection as possible.

Don’t let her develop the habit of relying too much on you, not to be a tough guy on the bed, because this will dilute her love for you.

At the same time, your ideas must keep pace with the times, be consistent with her or even ahead of her. Don’t fall behind, you will be beaten if you fall behind.

  Small habit 3: Applying masks and masks The things that are done at night, but many women do it in the morning, this “personality” act proves her special needs inside.

  Applying a facial mask is so simple for a woman to have both beauty. 25 minutes is enough for a woman to think about many things, including planning a day’s work schedule, summing up the things just finished, and occasionally thinking about what you have for dinner.

  A small habit hint: You in your temperament can protest that she went to bed late at night to apply the mask, but don’t dispute her applying the mask after getting up in the morning, this is a sign of her refreshing, let you get up in the morningJust smoking is the same.

This means that she is a thoughtful woman. She doesn’t say all the ideas, but she has her own inner heart. She pays great attention to details and is good at reasoning with details.

This is what we often call a “strong woman”.

  What you need: While giving her a moderate amount of free time and space, don’t fully show her the world, a little mystery and surprise are important to her!

  Tip 4: 20% of women will brush and rinse their mouths when they go to bed together.

If they are not dressed, they will not be afraid to prevent them from walking around with toothbrushes, but they are not afraid to go away.

This is the last thing they do before going to bed in the evening, and the first thing they do after getting up in the morning.

  The hint of small habits: such a woman is not only practical, but also full of action. She is a reliable target for doing things neatly and clearly.

However, this does not mean that they are “fierce girls” or even vixens, and they also have many delicate pursuits in terms of emotions.

They have principles at work, teach plans, and no matter how much you love you, you don’t want you to break her habits.

She doesn’t like you to get involved in her affairs, and she will make a clear distinction between working time and the time given to you.

  You need to: always pay attention to her concerns, at least the recent hit Korean dramas, star concerts, etc., you may not be interested, but can not help but understand, it is important for her to have a common topic between the two.

  Small habit 5: Occupying the bathroom, shampooing, bathing, lazy, and the word laziness never fit her!

32% of women have this good habit. They need to take a shower twice a day. The main purpose of taking a shower in the morning is to thoroughly wash their hair and let them scent themselves.

  The hint of small habits: bathing in the morning not only reflects her love for cleanliness, but also shows that she has a positive attitude towards things.Is she a little bit competitive?

Always want to be NO1 in your two world?

A little strong, a little narcissistic, a little clean-sexed, can hold up and put down on feelings, it is easy to get emotional and get tired.

She likes mavericks, men with their own opinions and ways of thinking, and hates entanglement and looking back.

  What you need: It ‘s all about her feelings. Give her face in front of others, let her be a bird to others, and give her space and freedom.

To get more love from her, usually be an independent and confident man first.

How to choose skin care essence without spending money _1

How to choose skin care essence without spending money

A smart woman’s dressing table must have a bottle of serum or serum.

It is a high-concentration and highly functional skincare product with excellent cosmetic results.

Essentially, dry skin chooses moisturizing ingredients. People with normal skin can apply all kinds of essences or essences such as whitening and wrinkle removal. Oily skin must be supplemented with the ability to control oil secretion and shrink poresEssence.

  So how to choose such a skin care boutique.

Today the editor will teach you how to choose the right serum.


Don’t care if the moisture is not enough or thick enough. Add a few salts to the thick moisturizing essence. If it turns into water immediately, it means that there are very few nutrients in your moisturizing essence.

  Consistency can be created.

  Many moisturizing essences will add polymer moisturizing gel to increase the consistency and make people feel sticky. It seems that they are really moisturizing. Fortunately, polymer gel will be exposed when it encounters salt.It has no moisturizing ingredients at all, but it is certain that polymer glue will account for a lot, and the moisturizing function will naturally decrease!


The more turbid the color, the more cost-effective many components, such as ceramide, amino acids, etc. are turbid chemical components.


Maintaining a moisturizing degree of at least 12 hours Many manufacturers guarantee that they can continue to moisturize for 12 hours. How can I judge its authenticity?

  Add 2 drops of moisturizing essence to the dish. After 12 hours, seeing the more moisturizing essence left on the dish, the stronger the moisturizing power!


Before 25 years of age, the main products are “water-absorbing” products; after 25 years of age, “maintenance-type” young eyebrows are keratinous enough. It is enough to choose external moisturizing ingredients containing polyols or uronic acid; Mature women’s skin need to estimate whether this product is added with active ingredients such as amino acids.

See professional fitness instructors teach lean people how to gain weight

See professional fitness instructors teach lean people how to gain weight

Professional fitness instructor, nutrition expert Lu Liang: graduated from Beijing Sport University, fitness and bodybuilding program, national first-class fitness instructor, national second-level bodybuilder, specialties: weight gain, muscle loss, plastic molding.

  Hello everyone, I am Lu Liang!

There were also men and women around me. They were all too thin to eat. They didn’t get fat when they ate. They wanted to gain weight.

Gradually, some people are naturally fat when they reach middle age, and some people (some kind of women) are full after giving birth to a child.

So you don’t have to worry too much about your weight, as long as you are healthy.

Maybe after the university graduated, the environment is relaxed, the weight will naturally increase, and you will become stronger.

  I have also conducted systematic research on how to increase fat for thin people. Thin people gain weight. Just like fat people become thinner, they also need to have a spirit of perseverance.

  I made three points for the friend who wants to gain weight for the thin man: 1.

Variety, increase nutrition;

Exercise and enhance physical fitness;

Maintaining a good mood.

For you, the first two points are not a problem, so what about the third point?

Is it often sentimental and unhappy?

  Lu Liang recommends that you: 1.

Prepare equipment or go to the gym to start practicing bodybuilding.

Because bodybuilding training can completely increase muscle weight, and body size can be greatly improved.

For information on how to train, please check out the related articles in “Bodybuilders” and related magazines and magazines.

Take a look at Bodybuilding Weekly!

  At the beginning of the training, the muscles have never been strongly stimulated, so the training effect in the first three months will be very obvious, you will see you a brand new self.


Nutritional issues.

The purpose of practicing bodybuilding is to strengthen the body and grow muscles, and these need to be backed by rich nutrition.

You can pay more attention to the nutritious meals taught in the Luliang blog.

At the same time, scientific training methods + rich nutrition + unremitting efforts will become more and more solid and stronger!

I believe that your friend can look at you after one year!

  So, thin girl, want to know how to gain weight?

Don’t worry.

Lu Liang tells you!

  One: sleep on time at 9 o’clock every day, generally around 9:30, you have to let yourself fall asleep.

If you have a lot of work, you can usually fall asleep after 10 o’clock, but once you exceed 11 o’clock, you won’t be able to gain weight.

  Do not think that such a “rural woman” sleep method will be laughed at by family members and relatives.

Health experts have said that people who have slept more than 10 o’clock are sick and I will not seek medical treatment for her.

  Two: Get up at 7 o’clock every morning, most people are still dreaming?

People who want to get fat can get up.

Every morning, the beautiful sun will pass through the curtains and wake us up.

Get up and wash, choose clothes to go to work, teasing dogs, eating breakfast, chatting, watching the scenery, a busy and calm morning, it started.

  Three: Rice to 7 minutes to eat, don’t eat too much, eat more!

  Four: Love to 8 points No matter how much you love him, it is enough to love 8 points.Where are the remaining two points? – Silly, give yourself a slap.

  Give your own love, more will be chubby to die, less will dry up.

  Not too much, it is a good fertilizer for flowering.

  Five: The heart is wide, natural and fat, and try not to let yourself go to trouble.

Cry a fight, smash a meal, pour a place, lick your feet – fall down and sleep, sleep and dawn.

As a result, the problem of insomnia has not healed.

It is difficult to not want to be fat.

  Six: Drinking water will also be fat. This is the self-deprecating quote of every fat man?

  Drink at least 8-10 cups of water a day to replenish the body while detoxifying the body.

  As long as you strictly do the above 6 points, dear thin girls, you don’t want to gain weight and it is difficult.

Don’t let marriage make your lady a vixen

Don’t let marriage make your lady a vixen

“Looking at myself in the mirror, I don’t know since that day, I no longer look like myself?

“” When you are married, you can only watch yourself change from a lady to a shrew.

  So how does marriage force their tenderness away?

  No, 1 housework scene photo: 32-year-old Ren Xiaoxiao rides a bicycle to a vegetable market to buy food and cooks at home, 2.

  Minutes later, her husband returned, and Ren Xiaoxiao took off the oily apron, washed his rough hands, and served dishes.

After dinner, Ren Xiaoxiao said to her husband, “I’m too tired today. Please help me wash the dishes!

“My husband turned on the TV and said,” Are you tired? ”

I’m not tired?

Finally got off work and let me do something?

It ‘s enough for your woman to do these housework!

“Ren Xiaoxiao smashed the bowl to the ground . Listen to her: Ren Xiaoxiao: Women are not iron men, these housework are not fun things!

Seeing that my hands are rough, don’t I know that I feel bad?

Not for this home yet!

The most annoying thing is that he still feels that my housework is justified!

There is no gratitude and understanding, and of course I’m out of balance!

Many times I got angry because he refused to help me wash a bowl. He cried, and he said, “Isn’t it a big deal?

I’m so tired to work outside every day!

These little things should have been done by your women!

“I get angry whenever I hear this!

I also have a job. I rushed back to work to cook for ten years. Whom am I for?

Don’t make a big noise, and scold it fiercely, I really can’t get this angry!

  Editor’s opinion: Now that the division of labor in society is equal, why should the division of labor be so absolute?

If that man thinks that housework is nothing more than simple and easy things, then I believe every woman is willing to let him do this kind of easy things.

In fact, it’s not that women really don’t want to do it. Most women still have a woman’s instinct, hoping that they can clean up their home well.

The reason they are angry is that they lack the understanding of men.

A word of recognition, a word of praise, and a word of thanks are all good medicines to get them back!

  Coping skills: Direct method: Say to him, “I do nothing!

If you do n’t clean up at home,

Do n’t wash the bowl, do n’t want to eat your food, do n’t expect me to wash your clothes!

Let’s do our own in the future!

“Indirect method: After discussion, set the rules, he will do the housework on the weekend, let him try and let him know how hard you are.

Unless he is an idiot, no matter how stupid it is, you can understand how tired you are so busy every day!

  No, two-money photo: Cathy, 31, and her husband go shopping on the street to buy New Year’s goods, and her husband leads to a big restaurant for Western food. Cathy disagrees.

  Her husband gave her a glance: “When have you been so tasteless?”

Cathy’s face sank. “Taste?”

Do you think I do n’t want to enjoy the luxury taste of money?

“Husband:” Money money money!

You know the money, and you can’t spend much on western food.Cathy threw things away. “I’m not saving you money yet!”

“Run away with tears . Listen to her: Cathy: I’m not a woman who loves money.

The reason I hate it is because of this money, I feel like I’m tired.

Once you have a family, you can’t spend money without planning as before, and every dollar has to be calculated.

I have to save enough money each month to pay utility bills, telephone bills, gas bills . and the waste of oil, salt, vinegar . the heads are big.

Men are unwilling to do this kind of thing. In order to save more money for our family, our women will be counted. In the end, they will still be called “small family spirit” by men!

Are you right?

  Editor’s opinion: Maybe women just have this natural ability. When they have a home, they think about it for their children. They don’t want those beautiful clothes, and they don’t want those extravagant enjoyment. Everything becomes “economic and practical” first!

In fact, there is a woman who does not want to never worry about eating and worrying about flowers?

The possibility of becoming a vixen for money is only part of it, but it is undeniable that most women have become complainants.

He hated Lu Xun very much before, because in his “Death”, Jun Sheng turned a son who was once a knowledgeable lady into a secular woman who planned to make a penny or two.

In fact, women have no obligation or responsibility to take on the duties of an accountant.

  Coping skills: direct method: no longer manage accounts, go romantic and extravagant every day like when in love!

A month later, let him see the serious intolerance of family spending, let him know how costly it is, and know why you are so “pull”!

  Indirect method: Tell him: “If you make 10,000 a month, I don’t care.

How you spend your love!

If you give me 10,000 a month, I promise to always be your gentlest woman!

On the fifth day of Golden Week, landscape sightseeing, folk experience, ancient town collection, hot spring health sought after

On the fifth day of Golden Week, landscape sightseeing, folk experience, ancient town collection, hot spring health sought after

Today is the fifth day of the National Day holiday. The weather in most parts of the province continues to be fine and suitable for travel.

Holiday leisure and suitable climate, beautiful autumn colors and colorful folk culture are interrelated. The enthusiasm of tourists is still high. The main tourist products such as landscape sightseeing, folk customs, ancient towns and hot springs are the first choice for tourists.
First, the reception situation of tourists (1) tourist traffic passengers.

According to the statistics of civil aviation and railway departments, on October 5, 433 flights of our province’s airways entered and exited Hong Kong, and 59,519 passengers entering and leaving the port; the railways entered and exited 369 trains, and 30 vehicles were added on the same day. The number of passengers entering and leaving the city was 234,030. Among them, high-speed trains entered and exited 268.By train, 26 trains were added on the day, and the number of people entering and leaving was 165,802.

(2) Reception status of major attractions.

According to statistics, there are 20 scenic spots in the province that have received 20,000 visitors, including: Guiyang Qingyan Ancient Town, Kaiyang Shili Gallery, Huaxi National Urban Wetland Park, Liupanshuiye Yuhai International Tourism Resort, Anshun Huangguoshu Scenic Area,Hongshan Lake Scenic Area, Bijie Weining Grass Sea Area, Muege Ancient City, Oil Mountain River Scenic Area, Wanfeng Forest Scenic Spot in Southwest Guizhou, Twenty-four Turning Point Attractions, Minnan Libo Big Seven-hole Scenic Area, Chun’an Caotang Millennium Ancient City邑 attractions, Jinhai Snow Mountain attractions, Longli Zhongtie Shuanglong Town Wushan Canyon tourist attractions, southeast town of ancient town attractions, Xijiang Qianhu Miaozhai scenic spot, Bala River scenic spot, Danzhai Wanda town, Kaili lower brother ancient town.

Libo Xiaoqikong Attractions (3) Rental of tourist hotels.

Guiyang Century Golden Resources Hotel, Guiyang Lihao Hotel, Sofitel Hotel, Guiyang Summer Kangqiao Hotel, Hualian Hotel, Liupanshui Xinhua, the main hotel rental rate in the province is over 90%.Energy Hotel, Zhuyuanxi Hotel, Youyou Chalet Hotel, Panzhou International Garden Hotel, Meitan Hot Spring International Resort City (Hotel), Chishui Yueda Hotel, Jialian Hotel, Zunyi World Hotel, Anshun Howard Hot Spring ResortHotel, Anshun Kaixuan Hotel, Anshun Xixiushan Hotel, Wanxiang Hotel, Jinsha Dawn Oster Hotel, Shuixi Hotel, Daixi Hotel, Yongguirong Hotel, Azalea Hotel, Shijie Hot Spring Resort,Shijie Huayuan International Hotel, Shijie International Hotel, Yanhe Baili Gallery Hotel, Dejiang Wenzhou Hotel, Dejiang Qingyuan Hotel, Jinzhou Cuihu Hotel, Xingyi Wenzhou Hotel, Zhaozhuang Days Resort Hotel, HarmonyPu Hotel, Tenglong Holiday Hotel, Zongheng Hotel, Guishan Leishan Hotel, Sanli Hotel, Qiandaohu Hotel, Jincheng Shangjia Hotel, etc.

Second, the main features of the tourism market (a) product supply is rich, tourists have more choices.

During the National Day, the province has launched a variety of tourism products and promotions, which greatly enriched the holiday tourism market.

On the first day of the long holiday, the first batch of 11 key hot spots in the province officially cut prices, bringing benefits to tourists; some key cities, counterpart cities to help continue to enjoy preferential policies.

From the perspective of product supply, rural style tour, natural landscape tour, ancient town feature tour, folk experience tour, park flower tour, hot spring health tour, cultural science tour products are abundant, all over the province are improving old scenic spots and old products.Vigorously develop new attractions, new products, and many unique towns, villages, landscapes and gourmet products that appeal to tourists.

From the way of travel, short-distance tours, outings, self-driving tours, self-guided tours, customized tours and visiting friends and friends can choose from a variety of options.

Guiyang Huaxi, Kaiyang, Zunyi Tonglu, Fenggang, Longnan Changshun, Huishui, southeastern Majiang, Leishan and other rural tourist spots are picturesque, folk houses are unique, farmhouse meals are green and fragrant, attracting tourists to swim happilyExperience the farming and enjoy the countryside.

Anshun Huangguoshu Scenic Area, Minnan Libo size seven-hole, southeastern Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, Tongren Fanjing Mountain, Shijie Hot Spring, Pingtang China Tianyan Science Base, Liping Yuxing Village, Huaxi Qingyan Ancient Town, Danzhai Wanda SmallThe town, Kaili’s lower town and other attractions continue to be hot.

Zhijindong Attractions (2) Market supervision and exertion, tourists have a good travel experience.

Before the festival, our province specifically targeted the “summer summer tourism work summary and National Day Golden Week holiday tourism work video call”, at the meeting, exposed the province’s first-class tourism violations, in charge of provincial leaders are at the meetingA bad comment on Guizhou tourism pointed out that this kind of self-exposed behavior and courage caused widespread concern and praise from netizens.

During the holiday period, the provincial leaders led the team to the province’s key points, and the popular scenic spots conducted unannounced visits; the provincial tourism development committee led the team to check the holiday duty and reception services; the tourism and related departments insisted on duty, actively carried out inspections, inspections andEmergency response and other work; the first-line enterprises and employees of the tourism reception adhere to the concept of serving the people, strengthen service awareness and improve service quality.

The CCTV Financial Channel reporter reported on the scene of Huangguoshu in the province that the “Traveling Guizhou” WeChat program developed by the Provincial Tourism Development Committee brought convenience to tourists and Huangguoshu scenic spots severely cracked down on the “Yellow Niu Party” and “Leading Party” reports.

Fanjing Mountain Scenic Area implements pre-sale tickets for real-name system on the whole network, which avoids the troubles of tourists queuing for tickets and excursions.

Driven by the work from top to bottom, the province has gradually formed a problem-oriented, source-governance, all-in-one, separate and unified tourism market supervision work linkage mechanism and joint law enforcement, comprehensive justice, “reporting case”, “行The comprehensive supervision structure such as “transfer” has significantly improved the experience of tourists and the quality of service has improved significantly.

(3) Colorful folk customs and beautiful festivals.

On the occasion of the 69th birthday of the Republic, a wonderful cultural festival was launched throughout the province.

In the southeastern part of Guizhou, in 2018, CCTV Spring Festival Evening held the Dongxu Village, listening to the Dai songs, watching folk performances, feeling the Yi customs, taste the Yi cuisine, and experience the non-legacy culture as a new way of the National Day tour;”Shaansha, Night Tour Xiaohuang” series of “Listen to Tianzhu · No Night Xiao Huang” theme tourism program, to create a song on the wind and rain bridge, the terraced work of the four seasons songs, rice fields to catch fish to cook food, oral transmission of teaching songs, etc.Personal inspection projects have enhanced the appeal of folk culture tourism.

Zunyi Chishui Waterfalls held a flashing event with the theme of “Singing the Motherland”. Visitors from all over the country, attractions staff, and civilized tourism volunteers, waving the five-star red flag together under the attractions, viewing platforms and waterfalls.Sing “Singing the Motherland” and wish the great motherland prosperity.

The Zunyi Hailongyu Scenic Area participates in the “Kuangyi Cultural Tourism Festival”, and through the interpretation of traditional instruments such as erhu and pipa, visitors can understand, feel the culture of armor and experience the charm of armor.

Anshunshanli Jiangnan, Tianlong Tunbao, Guanling Geopark, Longgong, Jiuzhou Ancient Town and other attractions are everywhere, for the motherland to celebrate.

Guiding Jinhai Snow Mountain Folklore Grand View Garden Party Fire Party, Longli Shuanglong Town Wushan Canyon Red Zhan Miao Lusheng Dance, Flame Performance, Pan’an Caotang Millennium Ancient Scenic Spot Grand Theatre Opera Party attracted many tourists.

Xijiang Qianhu Miaozhai Scenic Area III. Holiday Tourism Market Situation Today, the provincial government is in charge of the deputy governor. The provincial tourism development committee director led the provincial tourism development committee to continue to conduct unannounced visits and investigations on key points, attractions and holiday work.
Provincial Tourism Development Committee duty leaders led the team to Huaxi Qingyan, Gaopo and Huishui Huahonghong rural tourist spots secretly visited emergency duty guards and holiday reception services.

Today, the holiday market is generally stable and orderly.

As of 16:00, the Provincial Holiday Office received a total of 4 complaints from tourists, which have been properly disposed of.

The travel safety incident report was not received.