How to cure foot odor

How to cure foot odor

In real life, there are many troubles with foot odor. The offensive odor from taking off your shoes will make you nauseous, especially when you go to the home of friends and relatives to avoid the embarrassing scenes. There are many ways to treat foot odor, butThere are many treatments that cannot achieve the goal of complete cure. In fact, the effect of taking Chinese medicine to remove foot odor is very good.

  Causes of foot odor 1. Wear airtight shoes. Do not continuously wear airtight shoes, such as leather shoes, travel shoes, board shoes, etc.

The airtightness of the shoes causes excessive sweating in the feet, which can cause foot odor problems due to the abnormal smell produced by the sweat glands of the feet.

Therefore, when you exercise, you should choose sports shoes with good breathability, which can make your feet less sweat, and you must change the shoes after exercise.

  2. Excessive sweating in the feet Excessive sweating in the feet.

Seeing more young people may be due to autonomic dysfunction, such as excessive excitement of the sympathetic nerves caused by emotional stress, or exercise, etc., which may cause excessive sweating feet.

The feet are sweaty and the sweat does not evaporate smoothly, causing the epidermis to appear white, especially between the tip of the toes. Severe sweating can cause blisters, erosion or hyperkeratosis, and it is easy to cause crushing infection and foot odor.

  3. Some diseases of the feet There are many causes of foot odor. In life, if certain diseases of the feet, such as skin diseases such as tinea pedis between the toes of the feet.

  So what are the wonderful Chinese medicine recipes that can remove foot odor?

  1. Radish boiled water can be cut into thin slices with half a white radish, put a small amount of water in the pot, and then boil for about three minutes with high heat, then boil for five minutes with low heat, and then pour into a footbath, wait untilAfter the temperature reaches 100,000, you can wash your feet, and you can remove the odor of the feet by washing it continuously.

  2. Oxytetracycline First, ground oxytetracycline into powder and apply it to the seams between toes. Apply it once or twice a day. The foot will be removed in about half a month. The effect is quite good.

  3. Winter melon skin Winter melon skin has the effect of reducing heat and strengthening the spleen, and can treat symptoms such as edema and adverse urination caused by kidney disease and heart disease.

At the same time, you can also use the melon peel decoction to wash your feet, which can treat foot odor, and can treat athlete’s foot, which serves two purposes.

  4. When washing feet with rice vinegar, you can add some rice vinegar to the foot washing water, mix the rice vinegar and water, and then immerse the feet in rice vinegar water, wash your feet once a day for about 15 minutes, and soak the vinegar for three days, Foot odor can disappear.

  5, salt ginger water in hot water, put some salt and some ginger slices, heat for a few minutes, wait until the feet are not hot, wash your feet, and attend for a few minutes, this can remove the role of foot odor, and can eliminateFatigue can promote sleep.

Parents misunderstand children’s flu

Parents misunderstand children’s flu

Guide: Parents have a big misunderstanding of children’s flu. Chinese medicine helps you prevent winter, which is a season of high flu.

According to experts from the Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory, looking forward to this winter, the weather in our city is generally colder and drier, and the cold air is vertical. The average temperature is expected to be lower than previous years.

Above 5 ° C, cold winter may occur again.

This has made many mothers anxious: how can children stay away from the flu?

Li Chunrong, deputy chief physician of pediatrics, said that there are many misunderstandings among ordinary parents about children’s flu.

On the basis of getting out of these error areas, parents can improve their ability to resist diseases by ensuring their children sleep and breast milk replacement.

  Misunderstanding 1: Children’s colds are normal. Experts can enhance immunity. Flu is different from the common cold. Seriously fatal children have the flu. Sometimes their symptoms are similar to common colds and they are often ignored by parents.

The common cold usually shows mild systemic symptoms and severe local symptoms such as stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, and even hoarseness.

However, the flu is caused by the influenza virus. It is more contagious than the common cold. It usually shows mild local symptoms and obvious systemic symptoms. It is usually accompanied by a high fever (39-40 degrees) that lasts 3-5 days, and can be combined with severe complications.And even life-threatening, which is not common cold.

  The health harm of influenza to children mainly comes from pneumonia, bronchitis, myocarditis, meningitis, and otitis media.

In general, the younger the child, the more severe the disease, and the possible health risks.

Therefore, parents must not despise the dangers of the flu, let alone sacrifice their children’s health in exchange for so-called “immunity.”

  Data from the World Health Organization show that annual influenza outbreak appointments worldwide cause 3 to 5 million severe flu cases, with annual deaths of approximately 250,000 to 500,000.

Among these millions of “victims” of the flu, children are undoubtedly “the hardest hit”.

A survey by Sanofi Pasteur of France also showed that during a concentrated outbreak of influenza virus, the prevalence of preschool children can exceed 40%.

Its infection rate is higher than that of adults1.

5 to 3 times.

It can be seen that menacing influenza always picks the “vulnerable people”
to make it difficult for young children to fight.

  Error area 2 Influenza virus mutates too quickly. The virus mutates within two days after the vaccine is vaccinated, which is equivalent to a reminder from the experts. The World Health Organization recommends that the influenza vaccine formula be updated every year based on the virus mutation.Mutations, so vaccine strains need to be updated in a timely manner.

The World Health Organization has recommended influenza vaccine strains twice a year since 1999. In February, it recommended vaccine strains in the northern hemisphere, and in September it recommended vaccine strains in the southern hemisphere to ensure that vaccines matched epidemic strains to the greatest extent possible.

Therefore, worrying about virus mutation, the vaccine is inevitable.

  Li Chunrong reminded that children who received the flu vaccine last year still need to get the flu vaccine every year, because the average protection period of the flu vaccine is 4-6 months, so the flu vaccine injected last year has expired.

Experts recommend the implantation method: children who are 6 months of age and 9 years old who have never been vaccinated against influenza, or who received only 1 dose in the previous year, should receive 2 doses at 4 week intervals; thereafter, 1 dose should be given every year before the high flu season.

Because the flu vaccine will not produce antibodies against influenza virus in the body about two weeks after vaccination, parents should start vaccinating their children from now on to prevent them from happening.

  Misunderstanding Do not go to places with more than 3 people. Cat winter will definitely stay away from flu experts. Do not waste food and affect your baby’s normal development. “Flu peak season, parents should try to avoid crowds when taking their children outCrowded place.

“Li Chunrong introduced that the transmission of influenza is mainly in a crowded and poorly permeable environment. It is transmitted through air or droplets, and direct contact with patients’ secretions may also be transmitted.

So try to bring fewer children to crowded public places.

  ”However, some parents have heard that they should avoid going to crowded public places, and just let their children” retreat and practice “at home in winter.

In fact, going to crowded public places less often does not mean that children have to be cats at home for 24 hours in winter.

Li Chunrong pointed out that the child is in the stage of growth and development. In order to enhance the child’s resistance to diseases, especially the flu, it is important to maintain a certain amount of physical exercise.

At the same time, a moderate amount of exercise can help your child strengthen the heart, strengthen muscles, and increase physical flexibility; taking your child out on a regular basis can improve the emotional communication between parents and children.

“Usually take your baby to participate in more outdoor activities, it is necessary to run and jump more sports.

Misunderstanding 4 Banlangen and other traditional Chinese medicines can prevent flu. Baby drink better. Experts remind: Many Chinese medicines are for children with impaired liver function and the season of flu is high. Many citizens will accumulate some proprietary Chinese medicines such as Banlangen at home.Drink to drink to prevent flu.

Li Chunrong believes that this approach is incorrect.

“Blanga is an antiviral drug and cannot be antiviral.

It is effective against cold viruses and is suitable for taking colds.

However, flu and cold cannot be confused. Banlangen cannot be used as a ‘vaccine’ to prevent influenza.

Li Chunrong introduced that Banlangen has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. Although it has a curative effect on colds, too much supplementation can also be harmful to the body.”Banglangen is also a traditional Chinese medicine. Like other traditional Chinese medicines, eating too much will damage the body, for adults, and for children whose liver function is not completely developed, it may increase the burden on the liver and damage liver function.

Tips for children to stay away from the flu, experts come to Zhu Li, deputy chief physician of the Department of Pediatrics, recommend that you keep your baby away from the flu and spend this winter safely, you may try the following methods to improve immunity: First of all, the baby under 6 months is best to breast milkFeeding, because the natural immune components in breast milk can protect your baby through the autumn and winter.

For older children, parents should ensure that the child’s daily diet is balanced, such as vegetables, fruits, milk, and trace elements necessary for growth and development, so as to effectively enhance the baby’s resistance to disease.

In the dry season of autumn and winter, drink plenty of water to increase the discharge of metabolic waste from the baby’s body and prevent colds.

  Basically, in daily living, parents should ensure that their children get enough sleep.

“Adequate and normal sleep is essential for a child’s metabolism to function properly, which is very important for a growing child.

Li Chunrong said that not only should you have enough time to sleep, but also pay attention to quality.

“To be honest, in China, children are the ones who sleep the least a day, and their children’s academic burden is getting heavier, which directly affects the sleep time and quality.

“Research shows that elementary school students must guarantee 10 hours a day, and middle school students must guarantee 9 hours of sleep, otherwise they will be detrimental to their healthy growth.

  Tips: The room should be ventilated regularly, and the bedrooms and household items should be disinfected regularly; both adults and children should be vaccinated in time; avoid crowded public places, etc. These are the correct and effective ways to prevent influenza.

Li Chunrong added: “In fact, if parents are free, they often massage the baby, such as the baby’s head, complications, shoulders, back, hips, and legs. It is also a good way to prevent flu.

If the baby is too young and the bones are tender and not suitable for massage, you can gently rub his limbs to relax the baby

Do newborns wear long sleeves in summer?

Do newborns wear long sleeves in summer?

Newborn babies do not need to keep warm in summer. Newborn babies have a strong metabolism, especially in summer, when the weather is hot and dry. Newborn babies evaporate through the skin, breathe and excrete, and lose a lot of water. Therefore, the demand for water is particularly large.

Normally, the volume of plasma in newborns accounts for 80% of body weight. After losing water, the body’s normal physiological activities are impaired, and the body temperature will suddenly rise to 39-40 seconds.

At this time, the newborn showed redness of the skin, dry lips, uneasiness of crying, severe dull eyes, and a dull complexion.

  How to care for newborns in summer?

  1. In high-temperature seasons, it is necessary to properly arrange cooling measures, such as installing bamboo curtains on windows or balconies to shield the strong sunlight, and pay attention to opening windows and turning on electric fans.

  2. The fan should be blown to the ceiling or floor to avoid gusts of wind directly on the baby.

Conditions can be placed indoors to cool the ice.

  3, newborn clothes should be appropriate, do not need to use “candle bag” in summer; take a bath and water frequently to prevent dehydration fever.

  In the summer, when the newborn’s high fever first aid method finds that the newborn has no sudden sudden high fever, you can loosen your clothes, rub it with alcohol and equal amount of water, align it under the arm, groin and limbs, and feed with warm water or 5% sugar water.

Generally, fever can be relieved within 24 hours. If the fever does not return, or the situation does not improve after the fever, there are other abnormal phenomena, you need to go to the hospital for treatment immediately.

How to rehydrate oily skin 5 tips for rehydrating oily skin

How to rehydrate oily skin 5 tips for rehydrating oily skin

How to care for oily skin?

Moisturizing is king.

After all, too much oily skin is caused by lack of water.

Therefore, the hydration work is done well, maybe oily skin problems will be solved.

Let ‘s take a look at how to moisturize oily skin!

  Moisturizing mask Mask is a good helper for skin first aid. If you want skin hydration, you need a mask.

The mask contains high-molecular essence, which can densely provide nutrition to the skin.

First of all, there are many types of moisturizing masks, just choose a few refreshing hydration.

After applying the mask, be sure to send a moisturizing cream to shrink, so that the hydration effect is more obvious.

  Moisturizing essence Apply moisturizing essence on the face before going to bed at night, which can effectively moisturize dry cells.

If you want to achieve a better water retention effect, you may wish to apply the lotion after applying the essence.

  Oily essence Oily skin is more resistant to oily skin care products. In fact, in addition to hydrating, oily is also necessary.

Oil skin care products are best to choose the essence or essential oil type, their molecules are relatively small and can be quickly absorbed by the skin.

With oil, the skin will feel very moisturized. When the skin’s ability to absorb water is weakened, the oil will help open the water channel.

  Eight glasses of water a day. Skin dehydration is the external manifestation of body dehydration, so if the body is dehydrated, the skin dehydration will be more serious.

Persist in drinking eight glasses of water a day, eat more fruits and drink more soup, adjust internally and externally, oily skin may also improve.

  Skin care methods Skin care methods directly affect your skin care results, so it is important to master the correct and effective skin care methods.

First rub your hands, then mix the makeup water with 1-2 drops of essential oil and gently press the mask, so that the moisture will bring the essential oil into the skin, and the temperature of the palm will also assist in absorption.

Each layer of skin care products should wait for about 1 minute, and then apply a layer of skin care products, this skin care effect is more obvious.

  How to maintain oily skin For oily skin, washing your face is not enough. You must also take good care of it and take good care of it.

So, how to maintain oily skin?

Let’s go together!

  1, do a good job of skin cleansing: oily skin for the eyebrows should not be used too strong cleansing products, otherwise the skin’s own oil is removed, the skin’s self-defense function will lead to more oil, which will increase the oiliness and acne.

  2, do a good job of hydrating: oily skin itself can only secrete oil, but can not provide the skin with the required moisture, so oily skin especially requires external injection of water.

For oily skin, you should choose a hydrating skincare product that suits you, and hydrating after cleansing your face every morning and evening to maintain the balance of water and oil on the surface of the skin.

  3, timely response to complications: oily skin often appear acne, blackheads, large pores and other skin problems.

These issues should be addressed in time.

In addition, the usual basic nursing work is also necessary, and it is best to do it every few days.

Sanjiu cold must guard against frostbite

Sanjiu cold must guard against frostbite

In the severe cold weather, frostbite must be prevented in this season. Many people’s frostbite on their hands and feet came to report on time.

Children are fretful because of frostbite, which makes parents uneasy; old people have trouble with their hands and feet in winter, and frostbite makes them sit still. Especially some girls, their faces are beautiful and their bodies are exquisite, But with two hands attached, 10 fingers are like 10 carrots, red and swollen!

Expert tips: rub your hands with ginger, snow water, ice cubes, and smear with chili water. The purpose of these prescriptions is to promote blood circulation in the hands and accelerate blood circulation.A preventive effect on frostbite does not help us treat frostbite.

Like rubbing hands with snow and ice, if used incorrectly, it will cause frostbite on the contrary, and if chili water is applied on hands with frostbite, it may cause skin ulcers, leading to more serious conditions.

At the same time it should be noted that the warm water bubble method can indeed exercise the vasoconstriction and expansion functions, but this method is only applicable to the formation of frostbite, which can reduce the incidence of frostbite.Post-bubble hot water expansion of blood vessels expands more, exudates more, and exacerbates swelling.

From this perspective, folk remedies cannot be fully trusted.

Although many folk remedies are learned from specific production and life, some are very useful, but not necessarily suitable for everyone; once frostbite occurs, it is best to use special frostbite ointment and swelling ointment in time, and go to the hospital in timediagnosis!

However, here the old Chinese medicine will teach you a very bright homemade frostbite ointment, take atropine 0.

3MG500 tablets, vitamin E5MG100 tablets, grind together into a very fine powder, and put it in a container with water vaseline 500G to bathe in water, stir it evenly and bottle it for later use.

For patients with mild frostbite, apply a hot towel to the patient’s tolerance for 10 to 20 minutes. After drying, rub the affected area with homemade frostbite cream and massage gently for several minutes, once or twice a day.

Rinse the affected area with hydrogen peroxide moderately, wipe it with a clean cotton ball, and then wash it with ointment and bandage it. Change the dressing once a day.

Atropine is an alkaloid extracted from belladonna, daffodil and other organisms, which can expand blood vessels, enhance local blood flow transplantation, and have analgesic effects.

Vitamin E can enhance the anti-oxidant effect of the cells, improve the lack of circulation, and promote the healing of ulcers in the affected area. Vaseline has no irritation to the skin and mucous membranes, and can protect and lubricate the skin.

In addition, this ointment has a good effect on chapped skin.


Are you lonely and lonely now?

Are you lonely and lonely now?

Introduction: Researchers point out that the pursuit of “self-interest” is the basic motivation for obtaining wealth.

However, wealth and some will also increase people’s desire to inflate, and even lead to some bad behavior in order to achieve their goals.

How to make good use of this “double-edged sword” is worth pondering.

  Finally moved to the cozy country chalet. At this time, the thoughtful friend wants to buy a leisure bench for you at the most suitable place to watch the sunset outside the chalet. Do you think this chair will be some kind of?

  A, rattan chaise longue.

  B, a quaint bench.

  C, hanging like a swing chair.

  Analyze the person who chooses A: You are a person who is very afraid of loneliness. As long as you are lonely, you can’t help feeling sadness, and you will make yourself confused and sad.

In fact, life is like this, you don’t have to think so much, live happily.

  The person who chooses B: You are the person who can be alone, even enjoy this feeling very much.

It’s just that you can easily suffer from memories. Although you usually spin around like a spinning top, once the thoughts settle, you will feel extremely sigh for the former.

Hey . take it easy.

  The person who chooses C: When you are alone, the most common thing you do is to be in a daze, otherwise it is all right there and think about it. You can be drunk in your fantasy world.

You are a temperament person, and you may be crying for anything, but occasionally tears are good for your body.

His performance after derailment

His performance after derailment

Have you ever or are you going to be emotionally adventurous and would like to know how he would react if you were derailed?

Take a test -1, do you imagine that the moon “look up at the bright moon and look down at your hometown” is something like that?

  Full Moon-2 Crescent-3 2. One day in the street you met the most familiar stranger. Do you have a chance to dodge, would you choose to dodge?

  I think maybe -4 is not necessary, not -5. 3, what kind of situation do you think the body has sent you an aging warning and officially announced the death penalty of youth?

  The wrinkle and spot forces occupy the face and body. -6 The physical strength is not as good as before. When you go to bed, you sleep -7 4. A friend confided a very interesting personal question to you. He kept you confidential. Your attitude is: Do your best to prevent others from knowing it. -8 Find someone to discuss the problem immediately. 5. Of the two qualities here, which one do you think your friends should and you lack: make you feelThe ability to shock joy and happiness -6 is reliable and trustworthy -11 6. What is your attitude towards the afterlife?

  There will be things in the afterlife -12 that don’t -13 7. If you find your friends are pranking you, will you?

  Laughing with them Shi-14 feels annoyed-15-15 Do you think your personality is more consistent?

  The sea-tolerance-16 high mountain-toughness-17 9. If you get lost in the forest, who do you think can save you?

  Fairy-18 Hunter-3 10, what do you think will attract your attention at a dance?

  Super gorgeous dresses on others-19 a handsome gentleman-20 11, friends you met on the way, will you contact him after the trip?

  He didn’t contact me, he didn’t contact -10, and voluntarily contacted him-12-12, “I thought that even from the beginning I knew it would be a fruitless love.

We just didn’t meet under the right conditions.

“What conditions do you think are inappropriate?

  Time -17 location -18 13, when you take the bus, you will bring a lot of food. When you get off the bus, do you still have a large bag that you have not finished?

  Will -19 not -20 14 Do I consider the doctrines that I have thought out on my own as universal truth?

  Yes -20 not -16 16. If a colleague has the same qualifications as you, but the salary is lower than you, how would you feel?

  Feeling your superiority -13 Express sympathy or injustice for him -12 17 You all stop talking.

The river flows quietly, and sometimes there are floating branches over the bow, and he always pulls them away with a long urn.

Except for the sound of wind and water, everything is peaceful.

Whose heart is uneasy?

  Your -C his -B 18, do you sometimes be too enthusiastic about something and feel unnecessary at the time?

  Yes -C is not -D 19, in a heavy rain night, you saw a man walking alone on the road through the window, do you think he is in a certain mood?

  Just ended a relationship and lost heart-A: I just forgot to bring an umbrella and didn’t want to run in the rain in a embarrassing way-B 20, she is used to a lonely but not lonely life.

There is no moisturizing of love, caring of friendship, greetings of affection.

These seemed far away from her.

I know it isn’t.

She refused.

Why do you think she refused?

  She must have some secret past-D is nothing, but her personality is so bad-A test result: A: If you are confused for a while, he may put up with it, find a place where no one is going to thunder alone, then, biteYaguan, bear this shame silently, open one eye and close one eye to you.

This is because he believes that repairing flaws in love is a necessary process, and giving up does n’t mean that all the problems have ended. Maybe there is a long list of more upsetting problems: you can give up the habit you have already usedLife?

Can you be sure that what you seek again will be perfect and happy?

Who would easily destroy the hard-earned stable relationship that belongs to him?

  B: He always treats you like a drowning dog.

He is a person who follows the rules, works in the unit, works hard at home, and never dreamed that his wife would betray himself one day.

But it still happened, and you feel that it’s so uncomfortable to keep this lingering thing in your heart all day.

Finally one night, I couldn’t bear the suffering from my heart, and told him your faults and regrets.

Next he will be very distressed and suffer complaints from the ground for your cruelty. When you do such a thing, you will also tell him that he often mentions it for two days and two days, when you are chasing like a drooping dog.

He said he just couldn’t forget the shot of you fooling around with other men.  C: This kind of thing is absolutely tolerable.

A soldier can be killed and inviolable.

He certainly cannot tolerate such behavior by his wife.

This double traditional notion is haunting.

It is also because women and men are different in their treatment of “sex” or “emotional problems”. Men’s emotions are like fans, they can emit several rays from one point, and sometimes they can be physically and mentally separated, while women’s emotions are likeThe line, except for the watery poppies and the dusty women in Fireworks Lane, some women’s body and spirit are closely linked, and the soul follows the body.

Therefore, the derailment of a man may be just a temporary emotion, leaving no trace in life afterwards; the derailment of a woman is a double betrayal of spirit and body.

  D: He’ll find the kid desperately.

It must be acknowledged that men are indeed very selfish and narrow-minded, and there are no variables or personalities at special times. Although being out of breath at this time can cause great harm to life, or it may be worth more than gain, but it is also necessaryEndlessly, come forward to blow up the bunker.

So once he knows your hidden feelings, he will be irresistible, lose his reason, no matter what the consequences, whether he can win or not, he will go to the guy desperately.

However, such a boy also has a lovely place. If you are good at inducing, after a short period of impulse, he will put his energy on the right path, and maybe he will be blessed by misfortune.

Red song

Red song

Red yeast rice, or red yeast rice, is a by-product of brewing. It cooks food thoroughly instead of coloring and incorporates it into medicine.

  It is sweet, warm and non-toxic.

  Contains amylase, carotene.

  Function of spleen and digestion, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

  [妇人产后瘀血不下、腹痛]  红曲3-12克,加黄酒煎汁,趁温服下。  [温热泄痢(急性肠炎)]  红曲15克,炒研细末,合六一散(飞滑石6份、生甘草1份组成)等分,每服2-9克,米汤送服,3 times a day.

  [妇人血气心腹痛]  赤曲、香附、乳香等分,共研细末,每次3克,温黄酒送服,一日3次。  [小儿头疮、黄水疮]  红曲炒研细末,麻油调敷患部,一日2次

Early intervention in children who are short can return to normal

Early intervention in children who are short can return to normal

As early as possible, intervention of children who are short and can restore normal children’s height is higher than normal. Do not think that this is hereditary, born, you should be aware of it.

If it is dwarf, it should be treated as early as possible to give the child a normal height.

Hospital endocrinologists said that a large number of small children in clinical practice missed the best treatment period.

Dwarfness refers to children whose height is lower than the standard deviation of the average height of children of the same sex, age, and race, and their final height can only reach 130 cm.

Recently, doctors introduced at the scene of the “2014 China Children’s Growth and Health Transmission Initiative” that the incidence of dwarfness has increased, but many parents lack sufficient understanding of dwarfness and do not think that dwarfness may be a disease.Early detection, early treatment and systemic treatment will allow most short patients to return to normal height.

Although the IQ of patients with dwarfism is in the normal range, most of the patients with dwarfness have introverted personality and emotional fluctuations.

The doctor reminded that in general, the bone age of girls is over 14 years old, and that of boys is over 16 years old. At this time, the epiphysis line is almost closed, and there is almost no chance of growing tall.

Therefore, the sooner you understand the epiphyseal line closure and the sooner you intervene, the more likely the patient’s height will occur.

Experts suggest that parents should keep their children outdoors, do more rope skipping, play basketball, play badminton, and other sports with upward and twisted limbs.

In addition, the secretion of human growth hormone is highest at night, especially from 9 pm to 2 am the next day, so it is best for children to go to bed around 9 pm and go to deep sleep around 10 pm.


N single reasons for bachelors

N single reasons for bachelors

a Love is hard to find a matchmaker. It is also a strange phenomenon. Some young men and women are not married late because they are too busy with work or because of their own poor conditions, but because they are meaningful to the other half that is about to appear.Kind of complex.

Earlier this year, Xiao Zhang, who was about to immigrate to the United States, made a special trip to find a matchmaking agency and asked the staff to find a girlfriend under Tang for him.

It turned out that although Mr. Zhang had planned to live abroad, he believed that girls abroad were not as simple as those in the country, and felt that girls in his hometown had a common language in life. Therefore, he rejected the kindness of all relatives and friends and insisted onLooking for a wife in my hometown.

He hopes that his future wife will have at least level six in English and will be able to share his sufferings with him.

  And the girl Liu from Zhongshan has the same mentality.

The 30-year-old girl Liu was originally from Hubei. After some hard work, she bought a house in Zhongshan and settled down. However, the unpleasant emotional experience in the past made her more cautious about her feelings.She introduces mature men from her hometown. If conditions are right, she would rather wait until the desired man appears.

  Xiaoling is 32 years old, and her friends’ children are all in kindergarten. She is still staying with her friends, but she is not in a hurry. When she sees her friends, she coaxes people to call her “sister” with a smile.

When she was in college, she used to like a boy who was gentle and generous with others, basically a person with no temper.

In a dispute, Xiaoling kicked him in public, maybe it seriously hurt his self-esteem, so he never looked for Xiaoling again, and Xiaoling did not look for him because of stubbornness. Since then, the two did not come and go again.

In the middle of the night, Xiaoling still missed the gentleness and decentness of her ex-boyfriend. Seeing other men became unattractive and got along with others. She always liked to use her ex-boyfriend as a “reference object”, or in her subconscious, she also hopedContinue the frontier with your ex-boyfriend, or find someone similar to it.

  ”Actually, people who are more discerning about feelings are likely to be more persistent and affectionate.

“The reporter interviewed a person who was nearly 40 years old and still unmarried.

She believes that feelings are beautiful and serious, and one should not easily joke about feelings or marriage and marry purely for marriage.

Yes, if love has not yet come, do not marry if you are not married. People who think of feelings can get happy love.

  b was busy working and forgot to shoot the concentric staff who was most impressed. There was no member who called him Manager Huang. He was tall and was the project leader of a large foreign-funded company.Master, but in personal matters, it is still blank.

Later, the matchmaking staff chatted with him, only to find that he almost took up his work time every day, went to work during the day, had to entertain at night, and even had to work overtime when he was no longer paid. He did n’t have time to meet girls, and even met girls.May not have time to fall in love.

Repeated work has accelerated the pace of his life, but slowed down the speed of solving his personal problems.

  ”So, for this kind of career-oriented men, the purpose of their coming here is relatively clear, that is, they want to know good girls and then get married.

Sister Jiang said.

In fact, most of the men who came to the matchmaking agency for this mentality accounted for most of them. According to reports, last year alone, 38 young men and women fell in love and got married through the introduction of the agency.

“At least 90% of these men are busy at work, such as doctors, company managers, etc. They are on duty or socializing at night, and basically have no extra time to socialize and meet new friends.

Mr. Li is a media practitioner. Several years ago, after graduating from college, he worked from his hometown in Jiangmen. After several years of hard work, he bought a house in the urban area, and the work went smoothly.

But while his career was successful, his personal problems could not be solved for one reason: too busy.

Every morning, he set off for an interview before he had breakfast. He usually wrote in the office or read the news at noon.

Continue to interview and write in the afternoon, and sometimes stay in the office to write in the evening.

Even if you do n’t have to work overtime in the evening, you have to consider the translation you made the next day, and then hurried to your home. It ‘s more than nine o’clock in the evening to get home to cook and eat.Besides, let alone know my girlfriend.

  ”It seems that if I want to get married, I can only change jobs.

“This is Mr. Li’s emotion.

  c Real life Tianzi has never appeared Xiaoyu is a clerk in a foreign company, typically 80 years later.

In the eyes of others, she is considered to be an old youth of nearly thirty, but she does not feel that way.

When her peers are busy dating and busy buying a house, she is busy working and enjoying life.

Although her family is pretty good, she has a good income every month, but she is also a typical moonlight fairy. If she doesn’t work overtime after work, all her time is spent eating, drinking, and making friends.

  The person who associates with Xiaoyu is the most impressed by her pride. When she pays, she always invites people to play around, both the same sex and the same sex. It seems that if you do n’t spend all your money, you do n’t spend all your time.Unhappy.

A good friend advised her: “Save it,” and her response was: “I use my money as my own. What can I do without making money?

“My relative advised her:” Find someone to marry. ”

She immediately replied, “Find someone you don’t like, but don’t look for it, and make yourself happy by earning your own money.

In her opinion, it is necessary to live happily and comfortably. If she wants to live a good life with a man, she would rather continue her life of “drunk and dreaming”.

  ”Otherwise, find someone who is rich and hurts you, or don’t find the quality of life you want to maintain.”This became Xiaoyu’s slogan.

Xiaoyu, who is full of vitality, still lives in the rental house, but her enjoyment is not bad. She uses famous cosmetics, even underwear, and buys famous brands.

Although from time to time, she will also have “enchanting encounters”. Friends will introduce some men who are close to her eyes. She will also go out to play with them from time to time.”Showdown”, but just get along slowly, until all the other party’s confidence is worn away, and it has changed from the role of “boyfriend” to “male friend”.

  After playing for so many years, the opposite-sex friends around her are superfluous, just waiting for her to make an order to ensure that it will attract the mountains and the sea, but there is no real life son.

In the eyes of others, she is a girl who likes to play and bubble, but only she knows that she is willing to continue to be lonely if she can’t wait for someone she really likes in her heart.