6 fashion ways to destroy your health

6 “fashion” ways to destroy your health

Tobacco and alcohol do not leave hands, play games at home, stay up late to work overtime, make hairdressing and facial . In the eyes of modern young people, these are more fashionable lifestyles. However, from a health perspective, these behaviors will be unconsciousOverdrawing your health.
So, which “fashionable” living methods are not worthy of praise?
  1. Diet by any means Lose weight requires scientific methods, not blindly.
If you blindly diet and lose weight, your body will not get sufficient nutrition, which will affect your body’s function and damage your health.
In addition, if the body is always hungry, it may also cause people to involuntarily overeat, and eventually fall into the vicious cycle of “dieting-overeating-rebound”.
  2, home play games, eyes closed every day staring at mobile phones and computer games, make eyes dry and painful, over time, it is easy to affect vision.
In addition, if you are sedentary and do not participate in physical exercise, it is easy to cause fatigue and dizziness, which can lead to obesity and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Today, many people with high prevalence of geriatric diseases such as hypertension and hyperlipidemia are young networms.
  3、熬夜加班狗  为了事业上的成功,许多商业人士总是不知疲倦地彻夜工作,专家认为,不规律的睡眠习惯很容易使身体消耗得不到补充,容易使身体免疫力下降,还会令Endocrine disorders, which in turn cause internal environment disorders, affecting liver, stomach, heart, kidney and other functions.
  4. Make-up and hairdressing make fashion Fashion girls like hairdressing and manicure, and they must put on a delicate makeup every day when they go out.
Love beauty is correct, but if you frequently do hairdressing and manicure, the body may inhale some toxic chemicals. In the long run, the accumulation of toxins is increasing, which is a harm to your health.
  5. Footsteps “hate the sky high” Women in the workplace and white-collar workers in the office generally wear high heels. When a pair of high heels are put on the feet, it will give people a confident, generous and dignified temperament, but it also threatens people’s physical health.
Wearing high heels all year round can easily deform the bones of the feet and atrophy of the calf muscles.
  6、彻夜社交狂欢  在这个时代里,人人都讲究社交,白天要勤奋工作,晚上还得与同事应酬、“放松”,殊不知,彻夜的狂欢非但不能把压力派遣出去,反而会令身体每况愈下,If the body is often so overdrawn, it can easily lead to neurasthenia and depression.

Herbal tremella peanut soup

Herbal tremella peanut soup

Click to buy today, to introduce two kinds of medicinal recipes for clearing heat and dampness.

Let’s take a look together.

  Tremella Peanuts We prepare Tremella, peanuts and barley kernels when we cook this truffle.

Ren is a relatively old food in our country. In addition to clearing heat and dampness, it can also help us to strengthen the spleen and beauty.

Then peanuts are mainly used to nourish and prolong life.

So let’s take a look at what to do with chopped white fungus.

First of all, we can bubble the white fungus first, and after cleaning, we can tear the white fungus slightly into small pieces, and then we can put the white fungus in the casserole and start cooking for about half an hour.

In the process of tremella cooking, we come to clean the peanuts and barley kernels, add a few wolfberries, and after soaking, we can soak the barley and peanuts with water. After the tremella is cooked for half an hour, put these ingredients together.Cook for 30 minutes, add rock sugar and wolfberry for 10 minutes, and wait until the temperature has dropped slightly.

  Yam and yam are mainly used to strengthen the spleen and stomach.

Rice and wolfberry are also introduced above.

When we were making yam tincture, in addition to these materials, we thought we could add some oats and flakes sugar.

Method: First, we can soak the barley with water in advance, then cut the yam bought back into small pieces, and clean the wolfberry.

When cooking, first put indica rice in the pot and cook for 30 minutes, then add yam and cook for about 20 minutes, add slice sugar and wolfberry and cook for 5 minutes, turn off the heat.

Finally add our prepared oats and you’re done.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to provide references for friends to improve and help in the preparation of medicated diet and conditioning heat and dampness.

12 professional spirits of yoga

12 professional spirits of yoga

1. The best time for practice is early morning or dusk.

  2, 3 hours before the exercise to ensure fasting, you can drink a small amount of liquid food or drinks, half an hour after the exercise can eat.

  3, choose a quiet, clean, fresh air place, try to leave the room and choose an open-air natural site.

  4. Open windows and ventilate when indoor to keep air flowing. This is especially important for breathing exercises.

Green plants or flowers can be placed next to it.

  5. It is not advisable to practice on a hard floor or a too soft bed. A mat should be laid on the ground during the practice.

  6, bare feet when practicing.

The training suit is made of natural fabrics. Cotton and linen are the best. The cut is simple and loose.

  7, keep quiet during practice, avoid conversation, eliminate distractions, and try to keep your mind and body focused.

The concert is a great companion when practicing alone.

  8. Pay attention to your own physical condition, and don’t make things difficult for yourself.

If you have a discomfort or illness, try not to practice difficult movements, or you can not practice at all.

  9. If you want to shower with hot water after practicing, you should do it after 15 minutes. You can also choose to take a shower before practicing.

  10, women should not do yoga exercises in the meridian; hypertension, hypertension patients only do simple movements, six months after surgery should not practice difficult movements.

  11. When doing asanas, do what you can, don’t exceed your limits, but slowly, step by step, to reach the level you can bear.

  12, yoga has a good adjustment effect on some special physiological conditions, such as terminal illness, health care during pregnancy, etc., but it is best to carry out under the guidance of a teacher.

How to remove chicken skin teach you effective ways to remove chicken skin

How to remove chicken skin teach you effective ways to remove chicken skin

When it comes to chicken skin, many people may not know what it is.

In fact, chicken skin is keratosis pilaris, which is a skin disease.

How to remove chicken skin?

How should chicken skin be treated?

Today, Xiaobian will answer them one by one.

Interested friends may wish to take a look.

  How to remove chicken skin chicken skin often brings psychological burden to many patients, so we have to remove chicken skin.

So how to remove chicken skin?

Let ‘s take a look together.

  Exfoliating body Exfoliating body can use scrubs, loofah cloths, etc. Use these small tools to remove excessively thick horny body from the body while bathing to keep pores open, but you need to be careful not to overuse it, otherwise it will hurt your skin.

  Warm water bathing bath water should not be too hot For this type of skin, it is recommended not to use too hot water to bathe, even on hot days, it is best to control the water temperature at about forty degrees.

If the water temperature is too hot, it will be easy to take away the oil on the skin surface, and friends with chicken skin will be short of water and oil. If you do this, it will worsen the situation, so you must handle it carefully.

  When using lotion on chicken skin, in addition to exfoliating, it is necessary to use some lotion to moisturize the body.

Because chicken skin is a special kind of skin problem, in addition to the appearance of goose bumps, it will lead to skin dehydration and oil deficiency.

So using lotion for care at this time can make the skin smooth and moist.

  For more severe follicular keratosis, cream application can be applied with cream to soften the cutin and shrink the pores. It has a good repair effect on chicken skin. The most important point is to dilute and decompose the pigment.

Achieve skin improvement.

  Note 1.

The cuticle of the chicken skin is thick, so it is necessary to dissolve the cuticle. You can use a loofah cloth, an exfoliating brush, etc. in the bath, but you must not use it excessively, because it will hurt the sensitive chicken skin if it is too alternating.


Moisturizing the skin is the next step, because chicken skin is very dry and oily, dry skin, so it is necessary to keep the skin in balance with water and oil, of course, moisturizing is also very important.

It is normal to apply Viper amino acid body lotion after bath, and apply it two or three times a day.

Compared with softened chicken skin, amino acid has a good moisturizing and whitening effect.


Remember to avoid squeezing, scratching, and pulling out the pimple on the skin of the chicken. If you want to make the tissue around the capillary hole edema, the pore opening will become smaller and it will be easier to eliminate, then acne and folliculitis will occur;In some cases, some scratches on the skin can cause inflammation and pigmentation.

So do not scratch or scratch the skin of the chicken.


When patients choose products, they must pay attention to choosing non-irritating products, so that they can not irritate the skin.

It also cleanses gently and safely.


You should not wash your face too often, because washing your face too much will damage the skin’s natural sebum film, and the skin will become tight in the dry bath without the protection of the sebum film.

And when irritants invade, the skin becomes weakly resistant.


Pay special attention to the skin’s sun protection work in life, because chicken skin is sensitive skin and is easily sunburned.

Be sure to bring your umbrella when you go out.

  How chicken skin is caused Chicken skin is genetically caused and there are many possible causes of chicken skin. Heredity is one of them.

If you have chicken skin, 50% of your implants may also have chicken skin. At this time, the 12th pair of chromosomal mutations in the body are dominantly inherited.

  The appearance of chicken skin in this way is unavoidable.
But even congenital chicken skin can be completely removed by the acquired treatment.
  Chicken skin is a normal skin replacement caused by abnormal skin metabolism. It can maintain a healthy skin state. If the skin metabolism is abnormal, it will cause the stratum corneum of the skin to become thick, and the hair follicle ducts will be blocked, which will cause chicken skin.

Serious ones will even become connected.

  Chicken skin is caused by the lack of vitamin A in the body, which may cause the appearance of chicken skin, because vitamin A is closely related to the skin, and taking more vitamin A also has skin-care effects.

Therefore, some people do not like to eat vegetables, which may cause chicken skin.

  Therefore, when chicken skin appears, you should eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as carrots, spinach and pork liver, or take vitamin A daily.

  Chicken skin is caused by environmental factors. If you are exposed to low humidity or very dry air for a long time, it may also cause chicken skin.

Or chicken skin can be produced when the skin directly comes into contact with irritating substances such as tar and oil.

So if chicken skin appears on the skin, then it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is caused by the environment. If so, it is best to consider changing the environment.

  How to treat chicken skin 1.

Traditional Chinese medicine treats the disease with moisturizing skin, activating collaterals and dissipating blood stasis, driving wind and antipruritic effect, and treating the disease with significant effect.

  Generally used are raw land, Ophiopogon japonicum, Ligustrum lucidum, Eclipta chinensis, Jerusalem artichoke, Amaranth, American ginseng, Stir-fried Atractylodes, Tianzi slice, Black ginseng, Safflower, Shouwu, Chinese wolfberry, black sesame, Lingxian, yam,Nepeta, Fangfeng and other traditional Chinese medicine formulas have the ability to improve the enzyme activity in the body, so that the active enzyme penetrates into the skin and hair follicles, thus the content of epidermis and free cholesterol.

  It plays an important role in the stabilization of cell membranes.

Can effectively reduce the plasma sulfate in the epidermis and can effectively adjust the plasma metabolism to form more plasma cream to eliminate hair follicle pimples.

  2. Western medicine treatment Because hair follicle keratosis is a keratin-related disease, exfoliating salves are preferred for general treatments, such as A acid, fruit acid, salicylic acid, and urea.

  Oral vitamin A or eating more vitamin A foods will help the treatment of this disease; and topical skin keratin softening or keratolytic agents can alleviate symptoms and make the skin surface smoother.

  For topical retinoic acid, salicylic acid ointment, etc., the application of retinoic acid should start from a low concentration, such as from 0.

05% -0.

1%, diabetes irritates the skin and is used once every night.

Note that the drug requires long-term adherence to be effective.


Cold light quantum therapy has been applied to skin cosmetology through cold light quantum therapy in recent years. It has been clinically cured to treat “hairy” patients and freckles, age spots, and spotted nevus patients.

At the same time, it was found in the treatment that the “small tadpoles” in the affected part of patients with follicular keratosis also magically disappeared.

  Patients with follicular keratosis can usually be cured by cold light quantum two or three times.

Cold light quantum can not only cure keratosis of the hair follicles, but also decompose and discharge pigments from the affected area to restore normal skin.

  If patients with follicle keratosis have been suffering for many years, those who cannot be cured by cold light quantum can be treated with cryotherapy first and then combined with cold light quantum, which can have a good healing effect.

  Concluding remarks: The above are some of the methods introduced by Xiaobian on how to remove chicken skin and how to treat chicken skin.

I believe that everyone understands this after reading it.

Therefore, when you have chicken skin, you can use these methods to remove chicken skin.

Seize the golden time of baby skincare_1

Seize the “prime time” of baby skin care

[Guide]Newborn baby’s skin looks flawless, but it is also very delicate. It may be affected by external stimuli at any time. After the baby’s skin is fully developed, it will become an irreparable regret.
Therefore, the baby’s inherently perfect skin needs more careful care.
0 ~ 3 years old is the prime time for baby skin care. Recent research shows that 0 ~ 3 years old is the period when baby’s skin is developing rapidly, and it is also the “golden time” for them to gradually improve their skin barrier function.
If the mother is able to supplement the baby’s skin with proper nutrition while moisturizing in time, it will help promote the baby’s skin barrier function development and retain their perfect skin during the “golden time” of skin care.
However, most mothers don’t know that the skin of babies aged 0 ~ 3 looks tender, smooth, and flawless. In fact, it needs special care.
Because their skin barrier function is not yet fully developed, the water on the surface layer of the skin is easily lost; coupled with the thin cuticle of the skin, the ability to resist various external stimuli is weak, so the skin is particularly vulnerable.
These damages will accumulate with age and it will not be possible to recover after the baby’s skin has matured.
From now on, the baby’s skin thickness is only 1/3 of that of an adult, the skin’s stratum corneum is thin, the barrier function is weak, and the ability to balance and adjust the acid-base balance is poor. It takes 3 years to develop to reach the adultThe same level.
In the meantime, the baby’s delicate skin will be tested by various stimuli from the outside, including bacteria, ultraviolet rays, dust, etc. For these “attacks”, the baby’s delicate skin has almost no tricks, and is inherently “perfect””The status is inevitably reduced.
It can be seen that it is urgent to take care of the perfect skin of the baby.
According to the survey, the skin’s moisturizing activity is the highest in the infant’s birth. Therefore, the baby’s skin always looks smooth and hydrated, and is full of luster.
However, with age, the moisturizing activity of the baby’s skin will gradually decrease, and the moisturizing ability and health of the skin will depend more on the perfection of the skin function.
Experts recommend that mothers now properly nourish and protect their tender skin!
In winter, the baby’s skin needs to be “tonic”. In winter, the baby’s skin will face more severe challenges from the environment. Due to the poor barrier function, under low temperature and dry environment, the baby’s skin not only continues to be dehydrated, but also often lackssupport”.
Therefore, in winter, in addition to hydrating, nourishing the baby’s skin is essential.
During the baby’s skin development, although its own ability to absorb free water molecules in the air is very high, due to imperfect skin functions, most of the absorbed water stays on the skin surface and is easily lost.
Therefore, the key to caring for the skin and maintaining its perfect state is to provide sufficient nutrition for skin development, promote skin barrier function, improve the ability to resist external aggression, and improve the skin’s self-healing mechanism.
Experts suggest that providing nutrition for infant skin development should include two aspects: First, pay attention to the intake of protein and lipids (fatty acids) in the diet. Food contains a large number of nutrients that promote the development of the human body. These nutrients are important for the skin.Developmental effects are significant.
Such as protein, fat, vitamins A, C, D, B12, folic acid and iron, etc., and foods rich in these nutrients are mainly milk, meat, fish, eggs, soy products, seafood, animal liver, Green fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, etc.
In addition, in order to prevent the loss of nutrients on the baby’s skin, in addition to the nutritional supplements of food intake, a certain amount of nutritional supplements must be given to the skin from the outside.
Because the baby’s skin is weakly acidic, when choosing baby skin care products, pay attention to choosing products rich in neutral or slightly acidic nutrients, such as vitamins, pearl powder, and protein, which are more suitable for skin absorption.

Efficient maintenance prescription for busy beauty


Efficient maintenance prescription for busy beauty

What skin care products should I use?

The first shot was Avene spray, home Begaz green mud, Biotherm powder bottle moisturizer . skin care products are too common, is there some good word of mouth, using a niche, elegant skin care products?

Don’t worry, let Xiaobian recommend it for you!

  Happy Faye Hellofaye Weak Acid Washing Lotion (Second Generation) Specification: 120ml Reference price: 95 yuan Use: Clean (layer by layer) Applicable skin type: Various skin types can be used, especially suitable for dry and tight after washing your faceskin.

  Applicable object: Wash the face and pay attention to the amino acid formula of the girls who care about the maintenance. It is obviously mild and comfortable when using it. After washing, you will not feel tight or burst dry without using anything else. It is especially satisfactory.

  Netizen recommendation: 70% Petty index: 55% Netizens Hot comment: No soap base, the foam is not very rich, but I feel completely acceptable.

I like the taste ~~!

  Infusa IPSA Anti-Sensitive Foam Cleansing Mousse Specifications: 170ml Reference Price: 230 yuan This is a product that can protect the skin’s defense function while cleansing, no addition, weak acidity, low irritation, rich foam, canThoroughly cleans skin, suitable for weak skin.

Nozzle nozzle design, directly squeeze out snow-like foam, easy to use.

Clean thoroughly without any tension after washing.

  Netizen recommendation: 70% Petty index: 40% Netizen’s hot comment: The foam is rich and delicate, without the chemical fragrance, mild and non-irritating, and gave a bottle to the pregnant sister, she also likes it.

Will continue to use it.

  Natural Philosophy 4-in-1 Herbal Facial Cleanser The skin needs to be thoroughly plotted and properly acid-aged to stay healthy.

True Purity 4-in-1 Herbal Facial Cleanser is gentle in formula and contains a variety of plant ingredients such as geranium, rosewood, cinnamon and sandalwood, which can clean surface dirt and makeup residues in one go, balance skin acidity, narrow pores and nourish.
Just gently massage on the surface for 30-60 seconds, and quickly dissolve the surface dirt as soon as possible. The quick-acting clean formula immediately gives you a clean, soothing feeling.

  Netizen’s recommendation: 60% Petty index: 50% Netizen’s hot comment: This makeup remover is ok. Dry hands and face massage for a while on the face and rinse with a lot of water can clean your face and remove it.The ability is beyond imagination. Even the eye makeup, eyeliner and mascara are washed off together, regardless of your love of water and water resistance.

  And the face after washing is so slippery, I ca n’t help but touch it again and again. Generally, I do n’t need to cleanse it after removing it, so I do n’t need that much for this big sensitive skin and dry skin.The cleaning is good.

  Sulwhasoo and moisturizing mask (and moisturizing mask) Specification: 120ml Reference price: 340 yuan After using the cream in the evening, apply an appropriate amount to the entire face, avoid the position of the eyes and lips, and then go to bed directly.net.

  * Do not use cleansing foam or honey soap when washing your face in the morning, only use water for better results.

  Netizen’s recommendation: 75% Petty index: 60% Netizen’s hot comment: Everyone said that it has a strong taste of traditional Chinese medicine, but I smelled some ginger-like flavor = =, this mask is mellow, but it is very thick after coatingI will absorb it soon, I feel the skin is very moisturized, there is no greasy feeling, I feel the skin is very tender on the second day, I like it very much!

  Yiquan URIAGE Crystal Moisturizing Mask Specification: 40ml Reference Price: 200 yuan Yiyiquan natural isotonic hot spring water and 11% active moisturizing ingredients, instantly restore skin hydration.

White Lupin Extract helps reshape and repair damaged hydrolipidic membranes and restores the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Long-term use can improve the appearance of rough and dry skin, and improve skin fatigue, while also firming the skin.

  Netizen recommendation: 65% Petty index: 35% Netizens Hot comment: This thing is not common to me, but I think of it once I feel that the skin seems to be particularly dry.

In autumn and winter, sometimes the skin suddenly dries out. For some two seconds or the lower jaw, I usually directly apply this mask and then go to sleep.

It takes about two days to completely relieve dryness.

  Avalon Organic Lavender Facial Cleanser is suitable for skin types: suitable for normal to oily skin, especially for sensitive skin.

  How to use: Take a piece of gel about the size of a coin, add warm water, rub it with palms until there are fine bubbles, apply on the face, massage gently, then wash with water, once in the morning and evening.

  Netizen recommendation: 70% Petty index: 50% Netizen Hot comment: It is not easy to find a gentle cleansing power, wash your face water and slippery, rather than the astringent feeling of over clean, oily skinExactly.

  Jurlique Deep Cleansing Scrub An extremely mild scrub that can be used every day.

Early natural almonds and oat bran blend a variety of plant extracts to gently exfoliate.

Say goodbye to dead skin and dirt, and deeply cleanse the skin.

Skin feels fresh and clean, soft and smooth, and glows healthy and radiant.

  Netizen’s recommendation: 55% Petty index: 40% Netizen’s hot comment: When the face is massaged.

I don’t think it is a scrub at all.

Very gentle ~~ No frost at all.
Like ^ _ ^ Touch the face after washing it off with warm water.

Super tender ~~ It seems that I rubbed a few acne while rubbing.
The pores are also smaller.

After grinding our skin is almost the same as the baby’s skin O (∩_∩) O haha?

And that tender feeling can last for several days.


All in all, it is highly recommended ~~ Albion toner (healthy water) is a highly effective medicinal whitening ingredient. It extracts high resilience ingredients from natural plant cornflower, strengthens the skin’s moisture, and gives the skin the most fullMoisturize and improve self-defense, keep skin away from all kinds of annoying brains such as oily summers, dry winters, sensitive redness, peeling, etc .; calm the allergies of sensitive skin and keep the skin healthy every day.

  Netizen recommendation: 60% Petty index: 40% Netizen’s hot comment: At first, I bought a small bottle, all of which used paper film. I ran out of light in a week, and I feel pretty good.

So I bought the largest size, so it was normal to use it as a lotion, and it felt like it was the same-it feels similar to using SKII fairy water, nothing bad, nothing special, and the skin condition is particularly badDuring that time, I did not find any improvement with it. After the skin condition improved, it seemed that it had no replacement.

Precautions for drinking beer in summer

Precautions for drinking beer in summer

The temperature of the beer should not be too low. The beer stored in the refrigerator should be controlled within 5-10 seconds, because the solubility of carbon dioxide in beer varies with the temperature.Best taste.

  Beer with too low temperature will not taste bad, and the protein contained in the liquor will be decomposed, free, and the nutritional components will be destroyed.

  Pure draft beer is filtered through a sterile membrane to remove yeast and bacteria, and finally, it is formed by aseptic filling.

In 5-10 seconds, all kinds of nutritional ingredients and flavors in pure draft beer are also the most stable.

  Only excessive beer should not be high in alcohol and rich in nutrition.

Some citizens drink beer on a hot day and drink four or five bottles in succession. A lot of water will be quickly discharged, but alcohol will be quickly absorbed, which will increase the amount of blood lead in the blood.

  If it is overdone every day throughout the summer, it will inhibit and affect the normal vitality of cells. It may also cause a slight accumulation and interrupt the synthesis of RNA, resulting in “beer heart” and “general belly”, which affects the normal function of the heart.

  Large bottles of beer generally have a capacity of 640 milliliters.

  Smoked fish should not be used with a very important common sense, that is, when a large number of repeated beer, it should not be served with smoked fish, smoked meat and other smoked food.

  Because smoked food contains organic amines, polycyclic cubic hydrocarbons, amino acid derivatives and even benzopyrene will be produced during cooking.

When excessive drinking leads to an increase in blood lead content, the above-mentioned substances in smoked food can cause a combination of digestive diseases and even tumors.

On hot days, the risk of disease is often higher due to the large beer intake.

  Bottles should not be used in Kazakhstan. In recent years, beer explosions in Kazakh packaging or non-B-marked glass bottles have occasionally hurt people, and some consumers have smashed wine bottles with a rope after buying beer and returned home.It collided and exploded.

There is a certain air pressure in the bottle of the original beer. The ambient temperature is high, and the pressure in the bottle will also increase. Therefore, pay special attention to “explosion prevention” when buying beer on hot days.Bottled out-of-town miscellaneous beer.

Children love music more temperamentally

Children love music more temperamentally

“Music can help children mold their emotions and is a way of psychological aesthetic education.

“In an interview with the Life Times reporter, Shen Zheng, a professor of psychology at Peking University, said so.

For example, lively music makes people feel emotional, fresh melody music makes people happy and quiet, and elegant music has a pressure-reducing effect.

  ”Music helps children to distinguish between themselves and other people’s emotional reactions, so that they can better understand the feelings of others and identify different emotions, which is beneficial to the development of their interpersonal relationships.

Xi handsome man, a clinical psychologist at Beijing Anding Hospital, pointed out.

  Xi handsome also pointed out that the process of learning music is still a process of brain perfection and soundness.

Psychological research believes that the human brain is divided into left and right hemispheres, and the division of left and right brains is different.

The brain waves in the left brain are tension waves. Excessive use will make you irritable and feel intense pressure, making people more successful, but unable to enjoy long-term happiness.

The right brain in charge of music functions can only withstand “easy alpha waves” that vibrate 8-13 times per second, which can produce beauty and joy, making people happy and calm.

Also, is Australian scholar Amanda?

Ge Ge et al. Found that using the right brain can cause people to secrete a “brain gold” called β-endorphin.

  Unfortunately, people only use the right brain 1-3% of their lives, so parents’ participation in instrumental music training classes is indeed beneficial to their development.

However, we must also pay attention to the situation, pulling seedlings to promote the growth of the right brain is not good.

It is not necessary to clear the fire

It is not necessary to clear the fire

It is not necessary to clear the fire for fever, “the fever is easy to get rid of fever”, the same method of fever, different people may have different results; the same person, each time the fever takes the same medicine, the effect may be different.

In Chinese medicine, this is likely to be a difference in the nature of the fever.

Zhang Jingyue, a well-known medical doctor in the Ming Dynasty, pointed out in the book “Book of Jingyue · Heat and Cold” that “the heat of yin deficiency should be leveled by water; the heat of rootlessness should be tempered by fire”, reminding everyone to treat different feversThe reason is to use different treatments.

Some patients do not have a high body temperature when they have a fever, but they are very “emotional”. The body temperature fluctuates with emotional fluctuations, often accompanied by depression, full ribs, irritability, dry and bitter mouth, and poor appetite.

This condition is mostly “qi stagnation and fever”. During treatment, attention should be paid to evacuating liver and qi, and to relieve stagnation and fever.

There are also people who have localized fever earlier, or have a fixed sore spot or lump on the body at the same time as fever, “hot and painful”, obvious symptoms in the afternoon or at night, dry mouth but not too much drink, pale or dull complexion.

This is mostly “blood stasis and fever”, and the treatment method is to reduce fever by promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Another type of fever is particularly pronounced in the afternoon. Patients are often accompanied by chest tightness, drowsiness of the whole body, yellow greasy tongue coating, disregard of diet, and even nausea and vomiting, and thin stools.

Such patients are mainly due to dampness and fever, and they should be treated with dampness and clearing heat.

The above three kinds of fever are “real heat”, and the pathogenesis is stagnation and heat forming of qi, blood, and water.

Another type of fever is “deficiency fever”, which is mostly caused by imbalance of yin and yang caused by insufficient gas and blood deficiency.

For example, some people are always listless, prone to sweating, and their body temperature often rises after fatigue. This heat may be caused by qi deficiency, and it is necessary to nourish qi and spleen, or take some cream to replenish qi.

Some patients with major hemorrhage and anemia also have fever, which is a “blood deficiency fever”, mostly low fever, with dizziness, fatigue, fatigue, restlessness, pale complexion and other symptoms, generally improve after nourishing qi and nourishing blood.

If the hands, feet, and feet often have fever, with disturbed sleep, irritability, and dreams, this kind of heat is mostly “yin deficiency and fever”. It must be nourishing yin while clearing heat.

The other kind of fever is the opposite of the above symptoms. When you have a fever, you are afraid of cold and your limbs are cold. The patient usually likes to sit or lie down.

This is a typical “yang deficiency fever”, which requires warming up yang to treat “heat by heating”.


A comprehensive guide to skin UV protection

A comprehensive guide to skin UV protection

In summer, the hottest kiss from the sun will give the skin a special “gift”: stains, wrinkles, and gradually . skincare + makeup, establish a close line of sunshine defense, and protect the skin from this passionate intimacycontact.

  Beautiful “enemy” In the tug-of-war between beauty and time, ultraviolet light is the biggest “danger”.

Among the ultraviolet rays with different wavelengths, UVA reaches the surface with the largest amount of radiation. It invades the dermis, causing skin aging, wrinkles and stains, and injured skin is not easy to recover.

UVB does more damage to the skin than UVA. It can cause sunburn and even melanoma in a short time.

With the worsening environment, the impact of ultraviolet rays on the skin has become greater and greater, becoming the most dangerous “enemy” of beauty.

  How to know the sun protection value of sunscreen products, some are aimed at sunburn, and some are both sunburn and suntan, now the appearance of tanning products, really dazzling.

-The smart way is to understand the ingredients before making a choice.

  The first thing to consider is the SPF for UVB, and the signs of PA ++ and PA ++ are for UVA in the ultraviolet. The more “+”, the better the effect against UVA.

In addition, UVA promotes UVB activation and darkens the skin.

Therefore, if you want to get healthy skin, it is best to choose products that can resist UVA and UVB at the same time to effectively protect the skin.

  Carefully selected SPF value The sun protection index SPF value not only indicates the strength of blocking UVB in the ultraviolet rays, but also marks the length of time that the sun is effective.

Objectively speaking, the SPF index increases and the protection right is granted, but the choice of SPF value is best determined according to the occupation and the specific use environment.

Everyone’s defense ability against sunlight is different. When choosing the SPF value, you can refer to the following:

For people with general skin, the SPF value should be 8-12.

Fair-racial people can choose to use 15-25 extra sun products;

Sensitive skin should be picked from plant-based sunscreens to avoid allergic reactions caused by chemical ingredients; also use vitamin E products that are both anti-sun, lubricating and purifying to neutralize cell damage caused by sun exposure;

For people who are sensitive to light and prone to sunburn, the SPF value is preferably 12-20;

Office workers are only exposed to the sun on the way to and from work. In order to make the skin comfortable and breathable, the SPF value should not exceed 15;

When playing in the wild and swimming at the beach, the whole body’s skin is completely exposed to the sun. You need to change the face and body sunscreen with SPF value over 30;

It is best to choose waterproof sunscreen when swimming, but most of these products are water-in-oil emulsification type, which has a greasy feeling on the skin, so it is better to use less;

If you often use acid skin care products, your skin will become thinner, more fragile, and less resistant to sunlight, so you need to buy sunscreen with a higher sun protection factor.

  Makeup’s UV strategy moisturizes, repairs, isolates, and protects the sun . Makeup has already bid farewell to the stage of simple beautification.

In this season’s beauty must-have, the protagonist is also eye-catching makeup.

  The foundation / powder powder is suitable for light-weight summer sunscreen powder, while keeping the skin tone healthy while taking into account the needs of sunscreen.

When choosing, you must also consider the different conditions of the skin accordingly.

  If you: The skin is dry, you need to fully moisturize and nourish. If you: oily skin, easy to take off makeup. If you: pigmented spots, moles and other small flaws.Concealer When the summer arrives, you will already have tiny spots.

At this time, we must not ignore the role of concealer.

  Concealers generally come in lipstick-like packaging, which can be applied directly to the skin, or you can use a brush to dip and apply.

The slim and long concealer can be carried, which can eliminate the “dangerous situation” anytime and anywhere.

Its biggest feature is that it is highly targeted, and it is very convenient to deal with multiple defects.

  The concealer with strong hiding power can be mixed with the liquid foundation to cover the very conspicuous and faint small spots on the arm.

Concealer combo palettes often come in powder-like packaging, and several colors come together to make it easy for you to modify your skin tone.

  Lipstick Lip skin is delicate and slender, and it is not suitable for the natural lubricating layer of the facial skin. Without covering, it is more prone to appear rough, dull and wrinkle.

Therefore, the lipstick marked clearly with sun protection effect is one of the “beautiful essentials” that need to be put into a cosmetic bag this season.

  Sun protection tips?

Avoid the whirlpool of the scorching sun-11am to 3pm, the strongest fire in the sun, you should try to avoid exposure to the sun.


Get the best from sunscreens-Apply sunscreens to dry skin about 20 minutes in advance, because wet skin doesn’t easily absorb sunscreens.The effectiveness of sunscreen products generally lasts only a few hours, so you should apply it every 2 to 3 hours.


Glasses are essential-in addition to being beautiful, the number one priority of sunglasses is to protect the eyes and the tender skin around the eyes.

If your eyes often need to correct the harsh sunlight, fine lines and spots around the eyes will snicker at you not far away!

  Common suggestions for makeup artists:

The best tool for concealer is your finger.

Because its temperature will make the concealer stick closer to the skin.

Note that the force is more uniform when used.

Alternatively, you can choose a slim makeup brush.


If there is no concealer, you can use liquid foundation 2 lighter than the foundation used.

This is also the rule when choosing concealer.


Apply concealer product before applying foundation.

This order cannot be reversed.


An over-white concealer will only make black hair’s flaws more visible.


Because the eye skin is very delicate, it is best not to use a harder pen-shaped concealer, otherwise it will easily cause fine lines on the eyes.


When applying transparent makeup, mix the concealer on the hands with the foundation and then use the loose powder. The makeup will be natural and transparent.