Do you know the five myths of aerobic exercise?

Do you know the five myths of aerobic exercise?

For different fitness enthusiasts, there are various types of exercise forms suitable for them.

If you want to achieve weight loss through aerobic exercise, what kind of misconception will reduce the positive effect of exercise?

Here are five common myths about aerobic fitness.

  Myth 1: The longer you exercise, the more you should eat.

  Most fitness enthusiasts believe that before long-term exercise, eat enough food, and then sweat the sweat to burn out these transformations.

In fact, this part of their food intake requires two more hours of aerobic exercise (such as running) before they can be consumed.

Excessive exercise time can lead to over training and sports injuries.

Therefore, just absorb the right amount of food before exercising.

  Misunderstanding 2: Weight-bearing exercise works well.

  Some people carry heavy objects during cardiopulmonary exercise, such as holding a pair of dumbbells with both hands. In fact, in addition to reducing scattered combustion, it will also damage the body balance and even cause injury.

The best way is to increase the intensity of the exercise, not the burden.

  Misunderstanding 3: Practice the same project every day.

  If the same project is repeated every day, the body will gradually adapt, but the conversion will be less and less.

The best option is to alternate running, cycling and equipment strength exercises for better fitness results.

  Myth 4: Give up a short exercise.

  Actually, 10 minutes of aerobic exercise is also useful.

As long as you see stitches and make full use of time, you can accumulate less.

For example, it is better to take 10 minutes for running in the morning, middle, and evening instead of not moving at all.

  Myth No. 5: Reading or TV while exercising.

  If you do this, the exercise intensity is not as high as required.

Attention should be exercised to ensure that every movement is correct.

Often smelling sesame seeds, blood flow is smoother

Often smelling sesame seeds, blood flow is smoother

Since the ancient times, Lu Naiqun, a professor at Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has regarded sesame as an immortal food. Contemporary people also think that sesame is a source of nutrients for youth, because it is rich in many nutrients, such as vitamins that have long been understood, Protein, linoleic acid, sesamin, sesamol, flax phospholipids and more.

Interestingly, long-term researchers have found that workers who have long been engaged in processing sesame products rarely develop cardiovascular disease. What is the reason?

  After years of research by scientists, it has been discovered that the scent in sesame is a pyrazine substance, which is continuously emitted from sesame products.

Researchers have found that eating sesame is good for your health, and if you can smell it more, you can transform your health into a multiplier effect.

  The scented pyrazines can be absorbed through the respiratory tract, and can promote the unrestrained flow of blood in the blood vessels like small river water.

In particular, sesame has the highest calcium content among many foods.

Generally, people who need calcium supplements, such as the elderly and children, are suitable to eat more, and black sesame has higher calcium content than white sesame.

Cobra Pose for Yoga Neck Four

Cobra Pose for Yoga Neck Four

The cobra-style of the four types of yoga beauty necks: the first card that can show the trump card in the spring and summer transformation is not only slender, but more often it means that the neck is long and slender.

Therefore, from ancient times to today, women will never be able to decorate Yu Jin’s precious item Liang Yupei, etc., and they will not forget to decorate their necks.

  From spring to summer, we will always be the first to accept our discerning aesthetic vision.

Bodybuilding is long, muscles are flexible, skin is smooth, and the arc is beautiful. Yoga helps you create a “swan neck”, showing the first trump card that can be exposed in spring and summer!

Say goodbye to short and short necks and not good at choosing clothes, and fat necks will make you more fat!

Follow the instructor to practice the four types of Yoga Cobra Neck: Cobra can improve cervical discomfort, stretch muscle lines, and make it elegant and long. 1

Choose a prone position, with your jaw point, and some naturally placed on your side, with both hands in the air.


With the palms of your hands down, your fingertips forward, half of your chest, and your chin against the cushion.


Inhale, slowly raise your upper body slowly, try to keep your upper body perpendicular to the ground, straighten up, look upwards, and try to keep your chin too high.


Exhaling, the upper body slowly returns to its original position.

  Recently, the World Beauty Consortium proposed a new standard. For the first time, the neck set the scoring index like a “measurement”.

This shows how important the neck is for a woman.

The slender neck is the leader in the beauty of a woman’s upper body. Although the proud breast augmentation is exciting, the slender neck will add points to the noble temperament.

Natural skincare teaches you to be a natural beauty


Natural skincare teaches you to be a natural beauty

Guide: In the age of beauty in which cosmetics are flooding, skin beauties with words such as “natural” and “natural” seem to be more favored by women.

What skin beauty technique not only excludes chemical ingredients, but also has a good skin beauty effect?

The following editor will teach you natural skin beautification and teach you to be a natural beauty.

According to the tips provided by experts, in your bathroom, you can enjoy full-star skin care, the effect is no less than that of a professional beauty salon.

  Whether you want to get rid of acne or spots, or take care of your skin from head to toe, you can find the answer here.

(The following is for the facial skin) 1. Wash your face twice in a row with foam on your face, wash it clean, and then repeat it again.

Yes, you need to wash it 2 times in a row.

To be honest, do you, like most people, wash your face in 15 seconds?

However, skin experts say that the key to removing dirt during face washing is not the brand of the cleanser, but rather-“slow”, which takes at least 30-60 seconds to thoroughly clean the skin and is best accompanied by massage.

In addition, I want to remind you that when washing your face, it is best to wash the hair roots around the face together, because there will be a lot of oil absorption.

Second, after washing your face, it is best to use a soft towel to pat moisture (not dry) to prevent damage to the skin.

  2. Deeply clean with steam, soak the towel in warm water, and wring it. Hang it in front of the skin like curtains. Use water vapor to soften the skin. It can reduce the debris on the skin without causing infection and skin
You may drop a few drops of lavender or tea tree oil in the warm water. These oils even have anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effects, and can also create the aroma of the spa.

If your skin is sensitive and prone to redness, you can also apply cold.

Dip a towel into a half cup of milk and black tea (1: 1), then put it on the skin and apply cold for 10 minutes, then clean it.

  3. For quick hydration, you can apply a mask directly, or you can DIY hydration mask.

The method is very simple: cut the cotton gauze into a strip of about 4 cm wide, wet it with alcohol-free toner, and apply the wet gauze to the forehead, cheeks and chin, and remove it after 15 minutes.

Gauze can moisturize the toner into the skin.

If it is oily skin, it often has acne. Yogurt can also be used instead of toner, because the lactose in yogurt can kill the bacteria that cause acne.

  4. Lock the moisture You need to lock the moisture with the essence, and tap the essence on the skin with your fingertips.

At the corners of the eyes, gently patting from the inside of the corners of the eyes will help eliminate bags under the eyes.

Message from the editor: For women with sensitive skin, natural skin beautification that excludes chemical components is advisable. Of course, if you want to be a natural beauty, you can also try this natural skin beautification.

Comply with the symptomatic diet of spring natural food

Comply with the symptomatic diet of spring natural food

In spring, people should conform to the characteristics of spring. In addition to going to bed early and getting up early, with regular timing, proper exercise, and a wide range of mental and emotional well-being, one must also pay attention to diet and medicated supplements.

  Celery porridge: Take 250 grams of rice, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook to a half-cooked porridge, then add 120 grams of washed and chopped root celery, cook the porridge until cooked.

Spring is a frequent period of headache, headache and hypertension. Consuming celery porridge can clear liver fire, lower blood pressure, and stop dizziness.

  Black ginseng pork liver: 15 grams of black ginseng, cook for 30 minutes, then add 500 grams of pork liver, cook for 5 minutes, remove, slice, and then stir-fry pork liver slices with ginger, spring onion, sugar, soy sauce, raw soup.

It can nourish yin and reduce fire, and has good effects on dry throat and dry mouth caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency, and upset.

  Pig blood spinach soup: Take 500 grams of pig blood, cut into pieces, 500 grams of spinach, wash and cut off, cook a total of soup seasoning, once a day or every other day.

This soup has both tonic and tonic effects, weakness and constipation in the elderly. Hemorrhoids and blood in the stool are most suitable for consumption.

  Honey steamed radishes: 1 large white radish, wash clean, peel off the skin, hollow out the center, put honey, put in a bowl, and steam over water.

In the spring, windy and susceptible to colds, eating can cause colds, tuberculosis cough and bronchitis and other symptoms are more effective.

Nine rules for workplace decompression

Nine rules for workplace decompression

Rule 1: Make the most of the Internet.

  The Internet is more than just energy chat and email. It should also be the best helper in your career. It will teach you how to make salary demands through interviews and in an appropriate way.

If you are starting a business, the Internet will show you how to plan and raise money.

  In short, there is everything on the Internet. Take a moment to master it, and look for the websites that can help you the most. You will always feel like a “little girl”.

  Rule 2: Correctly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

  Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses and ask those who are familiar with you and candid to make changes to this list.

Then decide how you can make the most of each of your strengths and effectively avoid revealing weaknesses.

  Rule three: overcome fear.

  The key to unlocking potential is to overcome the fear that everyone has.

You can start with small things that have nothing to do with work.

For example, take the initiative to say hello to a friend you just met and go to see a horror movie alone.

Trying things that you want to do but not dare to do often will gradually make you fearless in your work.

  Rule 4: Energize your life.

  You have a clear-headed and comfortable life every day.

It is necessary to arrange the layout every day before work and to regularly clean the files and emails on the computer.

Just by seeing the table full of reports, notes and letters to be answered have broken, causing you chaos, tension and anxiety.

Also, don’t underestimate family life.

The success of a career is often directly related to family life.

A calm morning, a rich breakfast may determine your mood and productivity.

No one will feel unkempt, and the rush to work will leave you with a good mood all day.

  Rule five: Maintain a peaceful state of mind.

  Don’t feel stressed, it’s the key to a good mood.

Therefore, you should have at least one physical activity per day for at least half an hour; it is best to create a place at home that can be completely undisturbed and go there for a quarter of an hour every day.Just want positive things that make you happy.

This short charging time will greatly help your mood.

  Rule Six: Don’t blindly trust others.

  Don’t expect anyone who works with you to think about your issues.

Recognizing this, you will reduce a lot of disappointment and frustration.

Be careful when choosing someone you want to trust or give it to.

  Rule 7: Stick to your own assessment.

  Be sure to figure out what you want most?

Money, a life full of change, the excitement of challenges or constantly surpassing ourselves?

Then think about whether your current job can provide you with these material conditions or mental feelings.

If the two are far apart, you should consider changing jobs.

  Rule # 8: Stay full of energy.

  If you are a mental worker, the cause of your fatigue is rarely due to too much work. Most of our fatigue is not because of work, but because of anxiety, tension or unpleasant emotions.

Please try to “pretend” to be passionate and interested in work, smile and answer everyone’s phone call, and when your boss tells you to work overtime on weekends, call out “good” and cheer yourself up every morning . don’t thinkThis is a superficial thing.

This is a very important “psychological cues” in psychology.

  Rule # 9: Adapt to sustainable facts.  There is a proverb in English called “Don’t cry over spilled milk”.

In life, everyone will encounter unpleasant things: finally got the appreciation of his boss, but he was transferred elsewhere; he went all out to make a bid but lost the opportunity because the last data was not verified .The irretrievable facts destroy our emotions and ruin our lives, it is better to let ourselves accept these things and adapt to them.

Remember, there are times when regrets do not help, we have lost a lot, and once we have lost our lessons, we can do it.

8 good habits to get rid of acne on your skin


8 good habits to get rid of acne on your skin

Acne skin can also restore healthy and smooth skin through good habits.

As long as you can maintain the following 8 good habits, it is not a problem to turn acne skin back to healthy skin!


hzh {display: none; }  1、有耐心  油性粉刺皮肤的调养是一个长期的过程,请不要轻易中断和放弃。  2, good habits to develop good habits and regular work and rest time.

  3. Sleep is enough for a person’s life to accumulate time in sleep. Sleep simply rests alternately. It is not a waste of time. It is just the march of human health.

Adequate sleep will not only make you healthy and full of energy, but also one of the secrets of skin fitness.

  4. Diet with caution Although food has not been shown to have a clear relationship with acne / acne skin, everyone should observe that their skin is sensitive to a certain food and avoid eating it according to their actual situation.

Minimize the use of fried foods and chocolate.

Please pay attention to nutritional balance at regular intervals. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

  5. Precautions Some medicines may cause or aggravate acne and acne, such as phenobarbital drugs, lithium, hormones, and some vitamins such as D, B12, etc. Therefore, you must ask your doctor before taking the medicine.

Pregnant women, please consult your doctor to ensure the use of medicines that are absolutely safe for the vagina.

  6, beware of sunlight, beware of sunlight, it is a bad friend of acne and acne.

Although you will notice tanned skin, oily skin and acne / acne conditions after sun exposure, the sun will thicken the epidermis and your skin will become more severe with acne and acne.

Therefore, oily acne skin must use high-quality sunscreen products.

  7. Don’t stay in Qianhai without leaving the sea. Friction of hair will aggravate acne and acne on the forehead.

  8, skin care products to choose your skin type-acne-free formula skin care products.

  Avoid using excessively irritating cleansing products. Use cotton pads, flannelettes, and sponges for cleaning. Do not remove small acne before cleaning the face, which will increase the chance of infection.

  Use deep cleansing mask to temporarily relieve oily skin.

Use an exfoliating scrub with caution, as acne skin is more sensitive and using an exfoliating scrub will irritate it.

How to make yourself younger

How to make yourself younger

Madonna has a recognized talent for acting and a refreshing life philosophy.

When she was in her 40s, she once said that although her psychological age was in her 40s, she had to be 5 years old herself, actually 35 years old.

When it comes to this theory, she has a set of truths: Because 5 years in her life are wasted, and the 5 years wasted should be isolated.

  So, in her opinion, she could just be young again.

  At first glance, Madonna’s idea is ridiculous, but why not? Our biological ages are overlapping, but our psychological age can do the opposite and become declining year by year.

Quietly think about it, is it that some years have been wasted, and do you need to come over again?

I have been depressed for 1 year because of a broken heart, or have I done a job I didn’t like in 2 years?

For the elderly, retired, time is no longer a stress, can you start a new life again, do you have unlimited confidence, vitality, and a sense of youth in everything you doRedundant?

  Learn to reduce the age of our lives. The years that have passed can only make our faces look old, but we can’t grow our mood and wear away our mood.

As long as we maintain a young heart, we can resist the traces of the wind and frost that have blocked the years on our appearance, so that life is not old and youth is permanent.

  The well-known cellist 尔斯 Sales continued to practice for four or five hours every day when he was 90 years old.

As the music pierced through his fingers, his camel-shaped back became straight again, and his tired eyes were full of joy.

Doris Lessing, an Englishman, was 88 years old when she won the 2007 Nobel Prize in Literature, and now she blogs every day, and she firmly believes that she is not old.

  Yes, we are good at “decreasing the age”, for example, it is aging, it is sorrow, it adds youth, it is joy, our life will be young and colorful, why not?

7 types of pain that prompt you to check right away

7 types of pain that prompt you to check right away

Pain in one part of the body is common, but some pains must not be ignored.

You need to go to the medical examination center immediately for an examination.



There is no doubt that you have to go to the hospital for a headache-unless you know the cause.

Colds can cause nasal headaches, and cerebral hemorrhage or brain tumors can also cause headaches.

When a person has the most severe headache, it may be a precursor to a cerebral aneurysm. At this time, he should check immediately.


Pain relief from chest, throat, jaw, shoulder and arm or diabetes.

This could be a precursor to blood pressure.

It should be noted that the typical symptoms of heart disease are not pain, or complications.

Heart patients respond to oppression, just like an elephant sitting on your chest.

In addition, the discomfort caused by a high blood pressure attack may also appear in the chest, jaw, left shoulder arm or abdomen.


Pain in the lower back or between the scapula.

In most cases, this is a reflection of arthritis.

It may also be caused by high blood pressure or diabetes.


Severe abdominal pain.

First, there is most likely a problem with the appendix.

As a result, abdominal pain can occur with gallbladder and high blood pressure problems, gastric ulcers, and suffering from obstruction.


Calf pain.

One type of danger that little is known about is deep vein thrombosis.

The danger is that once a thromboembolism occurs, it can cause pulmonary embolism.

Among them, cancer, obesity, prolonged bed rest, long trips, pregnancy and getting older can all cause calf pain.


Hot legs and feet.

Some people do not know they have diabetes, and peripheral neuropathy may be their initial symptoms.

If your legs or feet feel burning or acupuncture, it means your nerves have been damaged.


Unexplainable pain.

A variety of physical pains are common in people with depression.

Sometimes it is a headache, sometimes it is pain in the limbs, and sometimes it is comprehensive.

But don’t bear it quietly, because the brain’s physiological structure may have been deformed at this time.

Five kinds of proprietary Chinese medicines for treating chronic constipation


Five kinds of proprietary Chinese medicines for treating chronic constipation

The smoothness of the digestive tract is the basic guarantee of the body’s metabolism, but nearly 20% of people have been invaded by constipation.

According to experts, the symptoms of chronic constipation seem similar, but in fact they are very different. The most common ones include five types. Only when medication is accurate can you 鈥渄o more with less鈥?

銆€銆€Bad breath constipation – Ma Ren Runchang pills.

People who love to eat spicy and heavy taste are prone to gastrointestinal heat. For a long time, there may be dry stools, full abdominal distension, red tongue and dry yellow, often accompanied by upset and insomnia, short urine, which is a kind of heat in the body.

The digestive tract communicates up and down, so there will be a characteristic of dry mouth and bad breath.

Treatment of this constipation can have heat, laxative effect of Ma Ren Runchang Pill or Huanglian Shangqing Pill.

銆€銆€Bloating constipation – wooden champagne pills.

People with indigestion are often intermediate qi stagnation constipation.

The performance is frequent and not very happy, often with suffocation, stomach swelling, bowel love and fart, some people will show mood swings, irritability or irritability, appetite will also deteriorate.

This type of constipation can be used with wooden champagne pills or sputum.

銆€銆€Boring constipation – Cistanche Runchang oral liquid.

The characteristics of constipation of lung and spleen qi deficiency is that the stool is not hard, but the difficulty of defecation is difficult. When you are strong, you will sweat shortly. The stool will run like a long run, lack of laziness, and more common in the elderly.

Single plasma Rong Runchang oral solution.

銆€銆€”Sheep dung” constipation – Wuren Runchang Pills.

Old and physically weak, after illness or after childhood, may have yin and blood deficiency, feel dry mouth, manifested as two red and red, red tongue or less moss or pale tongue white, will be accompanied by dizziness, tinnitus, waist and knees, heart palpitationsWaiting for the performance of liver and kidney yin deficiency, the stool can be dried in sheep feces, and the Chinese patent medicine Wuren Runchang Pill can be used.

This medicine is different from Ma Ren Runchang Pills. It not only contains Yu Li Li, Bai Ziren, Pine Nuts, and Peach Kernel, but also adds Chinese herbal medicines such as Angelica sinensis and Dihuang.

銆€銆€Deficiency and constipation – Cistanche Tongcao oral liquid.

This constipation symptom is similar to fatigue constipation, but there are symptoms of debilitating cold, such as cold pain in the abdomen, the warm water bag will be more comfortable, the complexion is white, and the limbs are not warm.

It belongs to the spleen and kidney yang deficiency constipation, you can choose Cistanche Tongcai oral liquid or constipation.