Alternative skills to experience alternative pleasure


Alternative skills to experience alternative pleasure

Caress also have to look at the manual method first. In general, properly hold the penis and carry out the extension and the actual movement, especially in the vicinity of the glans.

However, the same stimuli brought by the same action are not interesting.

Touching the skin of the body part of the penis, or adding a circular motion during the telescopic movement, the next point of effort will be several times better than the simple stimulation of the penis.


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However, it has not been developed yet, and it can be said to be a hidden sexy belt.

Stimulating the penis and also caressing the nipples can make the male experience a compound pleasure, and it is another joy to recognize women.

For penile stimulation, other parts of the female body can be used in addition to others.

For example: arm nest.

Under the arm itself, it will itch, and there will be arm hair and body odor, which can create full happiness both visually and tactilely.

The penis is placed in the arm socket, and the friction and compression movement will give the penis a different sensory stimulation.

銆€銆€The stimulation of the penis by the breast puts the penis between the breasts and is one of the ways to stimulate the penis.

Such caress from the male standpoint are the actions that stimulate the breasts, and standing on the female stand should be the caress of the penis and have the characteristics of playing each other as sex games.

When doing such caress, women must lie face up.

The male sits across the female skin, placing the penis between the breasts and moving the waist back and forth.

The male pinches the outside of the breasts on both sides, and the warmth of the breasts is transmitted to the entire penis.

Of course, women can also carefully grasp the breasts.

If the face is lifted slightly forward, the woman licks the penis with her tongue, making the penis itchy.

銆€銆€The caress of the penis and breast cancer, also known as half-length sexual intercourse.

If you make a slight change, you can also consider that the male faces up and down, and the woman squats between the male legs and uses the breast to erect the penis.

In the half-length sexual intercourse, men experience the feeling of conquest by using the action of semen to contaminate the female breast.

Harmonious life needs to pay attention to certain aspects to understand these aspects


Harmonious life needs to pay attention to certain aspects to understand these aspects

Appropriate control frequency, no matter how much, as long as the two sides have a happy, full, that is, the frequency of sexual life is appropriate.

Of course, how to grasp the frequency of sexual life can vary from person to person.

There is a general principle that can not be forgotten, that is, the annual rich and powerful, the number of sexual life can be more, and the old and the weak, the number of sexual life can be less.

If there is a serious illness, sex should be prohibited.

Sexual life during pregnancy During pregnancy, the posture should be taken without oppressing the abdomen, such as the normal position of the husband’s arm, the cross position of the abdomen or the expansion position, the movement should be moderated to avoid painful stimulation.

The husband should care about the wife, for the health of the mother and child, try to reduce sexual life in the early pregnancy.

Don’t mess with throwing condoms and condoms should be placed in hidden places. Do not throw condoms after use. It will not only infect diseases, but also be as disgusting as smelling oil.

At least the condom will give off a plastic smell when the weather is hot.

We can wrap it in paper towels and throw it into the trash can to avoid being seen.

Avoiding drinking after entering the house, such as drinking into the house or drinking alcohol, it is wrong.

People often say that they should not be drunk to enter the house.

Alcohol is a kind of gonadal toxin. Excessive drinking can cause gonadal poisoning. The blood plasma ketone level drops 70-80%, which can lead to some male diseases.

Pay attention to the cold and warm weather when the weather is cold, the housework will consume a lot of physical strength, and will sweat, so in the cold weather, we must pay attention to keep warm and cold, to avoid colds.

When a woman’s holiday kills a sexually active girl, she is in a weaker body when she is on vacation. After that, she is advised to prevent bacterial infection in the urethra from invading the body.

Moreover, women’s sexual desire is also reduced.

Therefore, the man should respect the woman and not engage in sexual intercourse.

Four principles of TCM health


Four principles of TCM health

Sun Shuzheng, vice president of the Chinese Medicine Association, reminded the public at the Hainan International Health Forum. The Chinese medicine should pay attention to “the heavens and the humans are corresponding, the Tao is natural; the spirit is optimistic, the virtues are good; the diet is festival, each takes what needs; life lies inThe four principles of sports.

銆€銆€With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, there is a more urgent need for leisure, health, health and higher.

Sun Shuzheng said that the first step in TCM health care is to “correspond to nature and the law is natural.”

He explained that “Qin Wen路The Ancient Innocent Theory” has recorded: “The ancients, their knowers, the law of yin and yang, and the number of surgery.

There are festivals and holidays, and there is always a lot of life.

Therefore, it can be shaped with the gods, and at the end of its centuries, it is going to be a hundred years old.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to have a regular life, not to smoke, to drink less, to develop a good habit.

He said that if it is “inferior to the joy of life, there is no life in the living”, the time is long, and health will definitely be affected.

銆€銆€The essence is “spiritual optimism, merit and good deeds.”

He said that the World Health Organization put forward the concept that “half of health is mental health.”

Therefore, people are encouraged to use an optimistic attitude and a positive attitude to look at and solve problems.

Because optimism is an open mind.

Sun Shuzheng said that when people are happy, the body will secrete endorphins, which can make people happy, their personality becomes optimistic, cheerful, and very beneficial to their health.

銆€銆€The third point is “there is a diet and a diet.”

Sun Shuzheng said that “Su Wen路Six-segment Dirty Theory” said: “The heavenly eater has five qi, and the earth eats people with five flavors.

“A blind subjective rule of a person does not conform to objective laws. If you want to eat something, if your body lacks such a thing, you should take it.”

He explained that the concept of “to eat well in the morning, to eat at noon, to eat less at night” does not apply to everyone. The number and number of diets should be determined according to the living habits of different groups of people and work conditions.

The fourth life is in motion.

He said that no matter what age group people should increase the time of walking, if the body can sweat slightly after walking, the effect is best.

The correct way to walk is to maintain a calm and clear mind, “looking forward and looking forward, is better than taking a walk.”

In addition, he reminded the public that the winter weather is cold and the number and time of outdoor sports should be appropriately reduced.

6 kinds of food dinner to avoid eating


6 kinds of food dinner to avoid eating

We must pay special attention to the diet. As the saying goes, “the disease is from the mouth” is the reason.

For breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every meal must have a reasonable influence to make the body healthy, and now some people are busy with work, in many cases, it is more abundant for dinner, so the dinner diet is also very important, hereExplain to everyone what to pay attention to dinner.

銆€銆€Don’t eat 6 kinds of food for dinner. 1 Eat ginger at night is equal to eating arsenic. The ancients said: “It is better to eat ginger in the morning than to eat ginseng soup; to eat ginger at night is equal to eating arsenic.

“Ginger tastes warm and contains volatile oil, gingerol, resin and starch.”

Ginger can enhance and accelerate blood circulation, stimulate gastric juice secretion, stimulate the stomach, promote digestion, and have antibacterial effects.

Ginger, which contains volatile oil, can accelerate blood circulation; it also contains gingerol, which has the function of stimulating gastric secretion, excitatory transformation, transformation and absorption; ginger also contains gingerol, which can reduce the occurrence of gallstones.

銆€銆€Eating a little ginger in the morning is good for your health.

But eat at night, because ginger is originally hot, there will be people getting angry, and hurting their lives, so it is not appropriate to eat.

It is best not to eat ginger in autumn, because the autumn climate is dry, dryness hurts the lungs, and when you eat spicy ginger, it is more likely to harm the lungs, increase the body’s water loss and dryness.

銆€銆€2, greasy food should reject greasy foods including fried foods, as well as some animal internal organs with higher cholesterol content.

These foods will increase the burden of the intestines, stomach, liver, gallbladder and pancreas after eating, stimulate the nerve center; affect the quality of sleep.

The three high populations should be strictly controlled.

銆€銆€3, in the evening should not eat “expanded gas food” Some foods will produce a lot of gas during the digestion process, leading to expansion gas.

Such as beans, Chinese cabbage, onions, corn, bananas, etc.

Excessive bloating sensation even makes the stomach feel uncomfortable and affects sleep.

銆€銆€4, late eating high-calcium foods caused by stones at night is not suitable for eating too high calcium foods, such as shrimp skin, spinach starch.

As the five internal organs enter the rest state in the evening, the calcium in the high-calcium food is easily accumulated in the kidney and the ureth, causing stones.

銆€銆€5, liver fire, not suitable for drinking milk at night, after drinking milk at night will cause liver fire, it is not conducive to human body night detoxification, and will make people feel dry and want to drink water in the middle of the night, is not conducive to sleep.

And milk itself is also an allergen. Drinking milk at night can easily lead to problems such as indigestion.

銆€銆€6, dessert after dinner is taboo Many people like to eat dessert after dinner, I feel that this meal is complete, but too sweet things can easily burden the digestion of the stomach.

At the same time, the sugar in the dessert is difficult to break down in the state of rest, and the boots will be converted into sputum, which is easy to cause obesity.

In the long run, there is also the possibility of causing cardiovascular disease.

銆€銆€Three principles of healthy dinner: 1, simple, quantitative.

2, light, low fat, easy to digest.

3, vegetarian dinner is healthier.

The family has mahogany health, physical health, not a lifetime!

The family has mahogany health, physical health, not a lifetime!

Redwood grows in the old forests of the mountains. After hundreds of years of sun and rain, it gathers a world of aura and has a very good health effect. If you are exposed to mahogany regularly, the harm to the body is certain.

If you put a few sets of mahogany furniture in your home, it will add a little extravagance to your home and make the whole family feel very comfortable.

Mahogany made three environmentally-friendly and high-quality mahogany furniture: First, it is made of natural mahogany.

Second, the use of rivets 鍗?structure, no nails and glue.

Third, the design conforms to the human body structure, and the dimensional standard is scientific and reasonable.

These features are that the mahogany furniture manufacturing process has good health benefits.

Redwood can be used as a traditional Chinese medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. Many materials of redwood are part of traditional Chinese medicine.

In the summer, there have always been statements such as 鈥淓ight ebony, sleeping red sandalwood, sitting on rosewood, using chicken wings鈥? such as huanghuali, red sandalwood, rosewood and other woods, which are very valuable traditional Chinese medicines and have good medicinal value.

In terms of health care, mahogany furniture is a treasure of human health care, and the health culture of mahogany furniture has been passed down through history since ancient times.

In the window of the Tongrentang Pharmacy in Beijing, in addition to various herbs, a variety of mahogany furniture was placed.

In addition, in Beijing Renyitang and Taishen Xianghe Villa, the patient will sit on the antique furniture, and the old Chinese doctor will also rely on the top of the mahogany to create the pulse, and then write the prescription on the mahogany book case.

The health care element of mahogany The material of traditional Chinese furniture is blended with health care elements, which is a rare health care product.

At the China Redwood Furniture Industry Development Summit Forum, the opinions of the experts of the Palace Museum gave the mahogany furniture company a reference worthy of deep thinking: “Our furniture is both a cultural product and a health care product.

So in my opinion, the pavilion of mahogany furniture, two pavilions, can also be the mahogany health museum.

“Redwood art beauty can prevent disease from having scientific research title. Art beauty has the effect of preventing disease, enhancing physical fitness and prolonging life.”

The mahogany furniture is usually engraved with auspicious and exquisite images, which can make people feel happy, and happy emotions can promote health and longevity.

Practical – Lixia Health first raises it, dampness and heat, the body’s disease can be swept away in one year!

Practical | Lixia health to raise it first, dampness and heat, the body’s disease can be swept away in one year!

After the summer, the weather will slowly become hot, and the health should follow the season to make changes.
Pay more attention to sleep and diet, and let you be healthy for a whole year!
1, sleep should be adequate after the summer, long nights, at this time according to changes in the solar terms, fall asleep later, get up earlier, but to increase the time of nap, people who do not have a nap habit also try to close their eyes.
2, pay attention to heart health Chinese medicine believes that the summer is prosperous, the temperature is rising, people are very prone to irritability, especially in the elderly, the risk of myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia, blood pressure increased by irritability and annoyance increased significantly, seriousEven drowning.
3, more vitamins daily diet should increase the amount of vegetables and fruits, help to add vitamins, but also increase appetite, you can eat more bactericidal vegetables such as garlic, onions, etc., summer is a season of frequent intestinal diseasesEat more of these vegetables to prevent diseases.
Lixia should pay special attention to balanced diet, eat light food, eat high-fat, high-salt foods, do not eat too much every meal, avoid causing gastrointestinal burden, and accelerate the loss of water in summer, you should eat more thin food at this time,It can cool off the heat and quench the thirst.
1. Headache Summer high temperature, sultry heat, thunderstorm, strong wind, sudden changes in the weather, etc., often induce or aggravate headaches, cope with summer headaches, can not rely too much on drugs, can regulate diet, add water, cool down, cool drinks, adjust mood,Guaranteed rest and other methods for conservative treatment, and severe cases through medication.
2, skin disease summer weather is humid and sultry, is conducive to the proliferation of various fungi, bacteria, plus the summer body is prone to sweating, if not cleaned and kept dry, fungi will invade our skin, causing skin rickets, contactThe daily necessities of the deaf people will also be infected.
To prevent skin diseases, keep your skin clean and dry, take a bath, change underwear frequently, and use daily necessities as much as possible to avoid walking barefoot in swimming pools, gyms, etc. Those who must wear leather shoes at work can choose cotton breathable socks.
3, gastrointestinal damage is prone to various gastrointestinal problems in summer, on the one hand because the appetite is worse after the summer, digestive function is weakened, on the other hand, because people are greedy, stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, affecting the digestive juice of the gastrointestinal tractSecretion, leading to physiological dysfunction.
Many elderly people, children and people with digestive dysfunction often have abdominal pain and gastritis in the summer.
In the summer to protect the spleen and stomach, it is best to eat more food, not only can thirst, cool and relieve heat, but also nourish the body, the food taken out of the refrigerator should be eaten at room temperature for a while to eat, do not eat too much.
For the human body, the principle of diet in the summer should be acid and bitter, proper eating of acid can promote appetite, have spleen appetite effect, can enhance liver function.
Moreover, in summer, sweating is easy to lose in the body. At this time, it is necessary to properly eat sourness to make up for it. The sour taste can absorb sweat and diarrhea and dampness, prevent qi deficiency caused by excessive sweating, and can relieve thirst and stomach and digestion.
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How do middle school students quickly teach you six strokes to get rid of radish legs?


How do middle school students quickly teach you six strokes to get rid of radish legs?

First, drink eight cups of water a day. All healthy weight loss methods advocate drinking eight glasses of water a day.

Water is the source of life, adding enough water to the body to promote metabolism and take away the garbage in the body.

And often drink water to make your skin more supple.

But water can’t drink too much, otherwise it can cause edema, especially one hour before going to bed at night.

Drinking a glass of water before meals will give you a sense of fullness and reduce the intake of conversion.

Students can easily overeat in the dining hall. In this way, you can eat less and not delay your health.

Second, do more sports Whether it is primary school, middle school or university, the school will arrange physical education classes.

But many girls don’t like physical education classes, which is probably related to nature.

However, physical education is the best time for sports, and it is best for exercising with classmates.

Do more exercise to help burn cockroaches, so be sure to be active in the physical education class.

In addition to physical education classes, you should be guided to a few laps in the morning or after class, which can help you exercise and make your body slimmer.

Third, eat a boiled egg in the morning. Students must go to self-study in the morning. Breakfast must not be eaten. Otherwise, they will not be able to learn mentally in the morning, and the learning efficiency will be seriously low.

What kind of breakfast does the student have to eat healthy?

It is best for students to eat boiled eggs for breakfast, because boiled eggs can drive small bowel movements and reduce abdominal cramps.

And eating boiled eggs will not increase the increment, it will consume a small amount, it is definitely a healthy diet food.

Fourth, slow down the speed of eating. Normally, students are very rushed to eat in the dining hall. Sometimes they can’t control their food intake, but they are quick.

If you eat too much, it is easy to cause too much.

Students should lose weight by eating slowly, and the principle of getting enough to help reduce the amount, so that you are not easy to gain weight.

Fifth, balanced diet students are difficult to control in terms of diet, because they are eating in the dining hall, so it is difficult to choose what to eat.

If you want to lose weight, you should eat less pasta and eat more rice.

Meat can be eaten, but you must eat lean meat.

Usually eat less snacks, eat more fruits, especially fruits like apples, bananas, kiwifruit and weight loss.

Six, one hour before dinner or one hour after dinner to walk away from the guide is another simple and effective weight loss exercise, very suitable for students to lose weight.

Going fast can help you achieve the effect of slimming, while not as easy to make the calf muscles as strong as running.

Find a suitable route, walk gradually and walk slowly, from one day to several days, ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Health care in celebrities


Health care in celebrities

In the broad and profound art of the couplet, there is no shortage of good pairs of health care, these interest health and longevity, the combination of knowledge, science, practicality and fun, is the health and longevity of people.Good prescription.

銆€銆€Zheng Chenggong, a national hero of the Ming Dynasty, wrote a series of self-relationships for himself: “There is no such thing as a good heart.

“This joint indicator has the desire to cultivate, to be good, to study, to meditate, to study and seek happiness.”

The average person only knows that reading can gain a wide range of knowledge and grow wisdom and talent.

As everyone knows, reading is also a pleasure, reading is a beneficial exercise in the brain.

As the saying goes: “The more the mirror shines, the more the brain becomes more and more spiritual.”

Therefore, reading can predict brain aging, keep thinking active, and benefit the health of the body.

銆€銆€The health couplet written by Gu Guangxu, a scholar of the Qing Emperor Qianlong during the Qing Dynasty, was: “All things are like good music, and a hundred flowers are better than reading.”

This association refers to “for good music” and “reading incense” is a magic weapon for health.

“The gentleman is not good at people.” This is an ancient instruction that the Chinese have long been observing. It is a moral spirit that accumulates Chinese culture, and is a basic embodiment of beneficial public welfare and friendship.

This can eliminate your emotional stress and maintain a good attitude, which is conducive to health and longevity.

Reading, forgetting pessimism, sorrow and trouble, becoming optimistic, cheerful and open-minded, good resistance to disease prevention, thereby reducing disease invasion, and prolonging life in the book.

銆€銆€The health couplet written by Zhang Zhidong, the governor of the Qing Dynasty in the Qing Dynasty, was: “Nothing is a peace of mind, and it is not a cure.”

“This joint expert health should be “no demand” and “not full”.

“No demand” is not “inaction”, or “contentment is not demanding”. When people are “satisfied and demandless”, they will not be humiliated by excessive demand. If they know that they are just right, they will not be hurt by greed.

鈥淣ot full鈥?means that the diet should be moderate and not enough.

Moderate diet can effectively prevent cell membrane degradation, promote the balance and stability of the human body environment, help to enhance immunity and delay aging.

This association and the “Zunsheng Maxim” in “the diet has gone to the disease, the desire to extend the years” of health care has the same effect.

銆€銆€Zheng Biaoqiao, one of the painters and writers of the Qing Dynasty, wrote a health couplet: “Green radish rice, rice pot well water chrysanthemum tea.”

“The whole association vividly summed up the experience of Zheng Banqiao’s health care: eating whole grains often, drinking natural water often, and eating light is good for health.

銆€銆€The famous contemporary writer Bing Xin, an old man who wrote at the age of 95, wrote: “The cause is contentment, and people are not satisfied with the product.”

“This connection is profound and inclusive, and the inclusion of philosophies, “contentment” and “no demand” is not only a portrayal of Bing Xin’s good mentality, but also a summary of her health experience.

銆€銆€The contemporary painter Fei Xin I personally asked a couple of health care alliances: “Industrious and hard, positive and optimistic, for the body to be self-reliant; raise the scenery, the sun is clear, and it is the recipe for the creation.”

“This association pointed out that the sky, the sun, the clear air is a nourishing recipe given by nature, and telling the world to forget the natural air and sunshine, is the best way to maintain health, it is worthy of a health careIt deserves taste and content.